Summer Dreamin'
The good news - the sun doesn't set now until 5:15 pm! Yay!! The bad news - we still have February to survive. Time is too precious to wish it away. So instead, let's all hope for a cloudy Ground Hog's Day and wish for a mild end to the winter. In the meantime, scoot a little closer to the heater, pour yourself a boat drink, don your favorite Coastal Kayak tee, and warm yourself with some photos of summers past while you plan for summers future.
See you soon!
Mitch & Jen
Never Closed!

It's true that we're closed for the season for rentals and tours. But our website is never closed! Whenever you need a little summer-pick-me-up just pull up and check out our videos and blog posts. Mosey on down to our e-store to buy a colorful tee or a gift certificate. Or click over to our Facebook page to peruse our timeline photos.
It might be too chilly for swimsuits and flip-flops right now, but we'll do our best to keep your summer spirits up during the off-season!
Summer Photos to Beat the Winter Blues!

Here are a few photos to bring back happy summertime memories of being on the water!
A Personalized Watercraft

The word ‘kayak’ originates from the Greenlandic word ‘qayaq’ and means ‘man’s boat’ or ‘hunter’s boat.’ A personal watercraft in every sense of the term, each man built his own boat frame made of either whale bone or drift wood to his specific size requirements and his wife sewed together the seal skin to fit over it. He made the cockpit two fists larger than
Horseshoe Crab Lesson from Ms. B!

The best way to learn something is to see it and touch it. Watch as Sarah gives her students an up-close and personal lesson on Delaware's state marine animal - the horseshoe crab.
New for Summer 2019: Sailing Nature Tours!

Let the wind do the work! Sit back and enjoy the sun and the breeze as your skipper sails you through the beautiful back bays of the Delaware coast. You’ll cruise past a bird rookery and along the wooded shoreline of a state wildlife area while you learn about the many different species of shore birds and other wildlife that make their homes in this special eco-system.

Stay tuned for scheduling details!!
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