December 19 , 2018
23 S. Hughes Street, Hamilton
    We had a marvelous dedication ceremony last Saturday where we turned the keys to our Hamilton home over to the Christian family of five. A great number of folks were there to celebrate this occasion, made a bit cozier than normal as we were all inside the home due to the heavy rain. I love this event. Makes all the effort so worthwhile. As I noted during the ceremony this is the 11th version of this model we have built and there is no doubt it is the best, even though the conditions were not the best during the 5 1/2 month build due to the incessant rain.
    I would like to acknowledge and thank all who helped build this home. First are the team builders; companies who both make a financial contribution and more importantly ask their employees to spend a day(s) building the home, they are ePlus Techonology, inc., IAI, Microsoft, QTS, Southland Industries, Travelers and Wells Fargo. A special shout out also to Chair Randall and her staff and some folks from Gordon who brought volunteer groups on site.  Next are the companies who donate their skills or materials to perform a specific task such as electric, HVAC, roofing etc.  They are; Anderson Mechanical Services, Ashburn Asphalt, Beckstrom Electric, C2 Operations, Dominion Electric Supply Co., Horizon Forest Products, Premier Floors, Inc., River's Edge Landscapes, Shepherd Electric Supply and TJT Corporation.  I am always amazed, when I call to once again to ask for help, how enthusiastically and quickly the response is "Yes, be happy to help."  It does in fact take a village, and it makes my day. 
    The crux of the whole construction effort are my crew leads, these are the guys/gals who make it all happen.  They mentor the volunteers, and when none are on site they do it all themselves.  A talented and dedicated group that out build any bunch of professional carpenters/builders. It's like a brotherhood, and I will miss them all.  The guy who really makes it all happen is Jim Cash, house lead, and builder extraordinaire.  I I would be lost without Jim, he ably leads all the rest of the gang, makes it a no brainer for me. Additionally, I want to thank the following for all their help and friendship; Ed Tobias, Dave DelMonte, Bob Lopresti, Dave Lazorchek, C.F. Snyder, Bill Maykrantz, Wayne Batten, Kevin and Nancy Fitzpatrick, Howard Stang, Randy Smith, Rich Galloway and John Engelberger, great guys all. These guys came out one or two days a week during the house build and have been doing it for quite a while, giving of their time and their skills.  I love and respect these guys and will miss them a bunch.  
It's been a great run.  

If you would like to see more photos of the dedication and build, just click on this link.

The finished product.
Handing over the keys to the Christian family.