As far as you know, you did nothing stupid to cause your back pain and the disc degeneration in your spine. Rather you are just the unlucky one, right?

We might assume that it is only the really obvious, foolish and traumatic events that are the significant factors in tissue degeneration, but sometimes it is the chronic failure to allow tissues to rebuild after normal usage.

This is what circadian disruption is. Circadian disruption is simply maintenance repair schedule disruption.

Circadian disruption is NOT A LACK OF SLEEP, it is the improper light hygiene misguided shortening of time for cellular repair, or the improper light hygiene misguided lessening of magnitude of repair.

Actual darkness or virtual darkness to the retina is necessary for the allowance of circadian scheduled cellular repair.

The time duration of retinal darkness experienced during the typical 8 hours of sleep per night IS NOT LONG ENOUGH FOR ADEQUATE CIRCADIAN SCHEDULED CELLULAR MAINTENANCE REPAIR.

Repair needs to start a few hours PRIOR TO SLEEP and this can only be accomplished by actual darkness or the "virtual darkness" that sunset-like-light can allow. (Furthermore, repair magnitude can be improved by GENEROUS AMOUNTS OF LIGHT entering the eye, especially before lunch time, for typical night-time sleepers.)

This research paper is completely free.

I suggest anyone working a night shift consider wearing red lens eyewear prior to attempting sleep during the day and that day shift persons using any kind of artificial lighting at night, wear orange or yellow lens eyewear, hours prior to attempting to....... START THE REPAIR CYCLE HOURS PRIOR TO ACTUAL SLEEP.