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December 2021 Newsletter

This is the end of 2021 and we want to thank you for your constant support. In this issue President Ciszek shares his views on International Day of People with Disabilities, we congratulate Dr Jennifer Viñola on receiving the IAPB’s Eye Health Hero Award and Dr Ciszek as ICO’s alumni Humanitarian of the Year Award, share a great article on VOSH and ICO, welcome two new SVOSH chapters and pay homage to Dr Jeffrey Marshall, part president of VOSH/International.


President's Insights

Dr Ciszek reflects on the significance of optometry addressing visual impairments and how through our humanitaclinics and sharing of our skills we contribute to this. Read the whole article here

In homage of Dr Jeffrey C. Marshall

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Dr Jeffrey C. Marshall. Jeffrey was VOSH/International President (1999-2001) and a visionary leader. Jeffrey’s dad was the founder of VOSH-Indiana and encouraged him to participate in his first clinic to Dominican Republic. During his life Jeffrey participated in more than 60 clinics and encouraged many others to do so. As VOSH President he improved communication between chapters, increased membership and raised the profile of optometry. His collaboration with VOSH-Honduras’ President Ruth Berkling will always be remembered by the many Hondurans lives they changed. Jeffrey remained an active leader and member of VOSH/Indiana. He graduated from Indiana University School of Optometry and received its Foley House Basement Key Award in 2002 for his exceptional dedication to the school and the VOSH/International Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2014. Dr Marshall always ended his communications with the phrase “to care to share to make a difference”. He certainly made a difference and will be missed greatly. Our sincere condolences to his family, friends, IUSO family, VOSH-IN and VOSH-Honduras friends. 

Faculty Adviser of SVOSH-MCU the Philippines is awarded a 2021 IAPB’s Eye Health Hero Awards

Congratulations to Dr Jennifer Lyn G Viñola, faculty adviser of our SVOSH chapter at Manila Central University College of optometry (SVOSH-MCU), on receiving one of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) Eye Health Hero Award in the Future Leader’s category. Jennifer’s approach to collaboration, networking, and constant support for her students have not gone unnoticed. Listening to Jennifer, one understands her passion for the role optometry has in changing lives and the commitment she has for her people in the Philippines. Congratulations Jennifer!. You can read more about her and the award here.

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President Ciszek is recognized with the 2021 Illinois College of Optometry Alumni Association Humanitarian Award

We are very proud for the recognition of Dr Ciszek’s humanitarian efforts at home and abroad. Congratulations Dr Ciszek! Read more here and watch a spotlight interview to find out more about his motivations as a VOSH volunteer here.

VOSH through the years. 

ICO matters- the magazine of the Illinois College of Optometry and the Illinois Eye Institute- features a great article entitled VOSH and ICO: A cycle of service and sustainability. The article highlights the long history of ICO’s involvement with VOSH/International -14 presidents of VOSH/International came from ICO- and how the new generations of SVOSH-ICO leaders are expanding their humanitarian work to serve local communities as well. Our former President -Dr Matchinski -shares important advice from her experience and emphasizes VOSH greatest asset: knowledge and the willingness to share it for the common benefit. We had a great experience holding our 2021 Annual Meeting at ICO’s premises and we are very grateful for the opportunity. Read the whole article here.

Welcoming two new SVOSH chapters

We are delighted to welcome two new SVOSH chapters at the Universidad Vasco de Quiroga in Morelia, Mexico and at the Universidad Especializada de las Américas (UDELAS) in Panama.

We look forward to working with our new colleagues. 

Welcome! Bienvenidos!!

Clinics in 2022

Some chapters are planning clinics in 2022. You may want to replenish your stock of frames.

VOSH-Southeast is giving out free plastic, metal and pediatric frames for humanitarian clinics. The limit is three boxes and interested parties need to pay for shipping costs and $2 for each shipping box. For more information please contact Max Bruss at maxobrusso@gmail.com

VOSH/International’s Technology Transfer Program also has frames and sunglasses for US VOSH chapters. Please make your request here.

WCO Myopia Standard of Care Resolution Pledge

Dr Sandy Block, WCO President-Elect and a good friend of VOSH/International writes about WCO's Resolution for the Standard of Care for Myopia Management and encourages organizations and individuals to sign the pledge to uphold this resolution. Read the Vision Monday article here and pledge your support here.

PlenOptika participates in spaceflight vision testing

PlenOptika, Inc., creator of QuickSee™ is participating in research to understand the impact of spaceflight on vision as part of the Translational Research Institute for Space Health’s (TRISH) research. The vision testing is part of TRISH’s EXPAND (Enhancing eXploration Platforms and ANalog Definition) program, which collects pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight health data to increase human health and performance research on commercial spaceflights. Read more here.

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