Approaching the end of the year with hope
"We see our progressive growth continuing, our community programs expanding and those in our community continuing to embrace this vibrant city and everything Canada stands for." Ibrahim Absiye, Executive Director.
With your support, we can achieve that and much more.

Our People

Our organization is as multicultural as the community we serve. We come from everywhere, and we were once in our clients' shoes, starting a new life in Canada. The difference is, we're here to help them. We want to be a part of their stories. And we want to tell you ours.
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From the Philippines

She took a leap of faith, left her family in good care and came to Canada to work. Five years later, after much saving, she was able to bring her husband and kids.

A Year of Biking

For our Bike to School project 2019 was the most impactful year yet! We reflect on the past achievements, and look forward to new challenges in the future.

Kick Off

Playing sports is just the excuse to get together, be part of a team, develop leadership skills and work in a collaborative environment.

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