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helmet-goggles May 17,  2019

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town

The big news is that my daughter, Janet, soloed over at Madras. 

 I'm so proud my buttons are popping off my shirt.  Many thanks to her instructor, Sam Monte and to Walt Lasecki for providing such wonderful ground instruction.  It was also Christie's first day of LLT scholarship instruction and I'm always blown away at the quality of

 the ladies who Judy Birchler sends me.  Some of my very best applicants have been from Ladies Love Taildraggers!  Christie has excelled at all our maneuvers and showed her mastery of flight by becoming the seventh pilot to successfully do a touch and go in the Cat Box.  It's an abandoned diatomaceous mineral plant with a little-used road that we occasionally do a very difficult touch and go in.
A New Article on the Tailwheeler's Journal  
The Go Around is one of those maneuvers which might be called the "Rodney Dangerfield of Maneuvers".  It seems that many pilots are not prepared for a go around, although there are others who believe that every landing attempt is actually a go around during which they are surprised to be able to land. Not a bad way to think!
The Older Article
# 67 "Where are you Looking".  What a coincidence that this older article features a picture of Janet when she was flying the older Cessna 140.  

I'm still recovering from the pride of her first solo and also the importance of where one looks!  Many CFIs who teach aerobatics make that question a major part of their instruction.  There is a good reason.

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