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helmet-goggles April 19,  2019

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town
Some of you may know about the recent incident which resulted in much damage to the Tailwheel Town PA12.  Repairs are underway, but the airplane probably won't fly for another year. In the
Eventually, the PA12 will be back in action.

 meantime, the Cessna 140 which was purchased from a former tailwheel student some time ago will undergo some work and take up the slack.  It is a terrific trainer, powered by an O 235 engine and is equipped with a climb prop.  In the meantime, while Walt Lasecki and I work on the backup 140, my pals at Outlaw Aviation have very nicely offered either Walt Lasecki's Cessna 140 or the Outlaw Aviation Cessna 120.  Either will be a great trainer and very useful to us as we continue to teach advanced tailwheel technique.  Prices will be adjusted accordingly.  My sincerest thanks to all those who have extended their best wishes during this interim time.  And a very special thanks to Walt Lasecki who has been so generous with his skill, knowledge and time.
 A New Article on the Tailwheeler's Journal  
The new article this week will be "The Dirt Runway".  I 
think it may be of interest to some of my readers, who may have not had the pleasure of operating off of dirt and grass.

The Tailwheel Town C 140 working off a grass and dirt runway.

A dirt runway will actually enable you to do a particular  maneuver  that I'll bet you've never done before!  Read on to find out!
The Old Article is Actually a New One!
A couple of weeks ago I promoted an older article called "Who Needs Glider Time".  My brother read that article and it reminded him of the time that such experience really helped him while flying a Citabria near Medford,
Brian (L) and son Hooper when we had a glider ride operation.

 Oregon.  He sent me his reminiscence and I'm running it here, in place of my usual promotion of an older article.  It's called "Get Some Glider Time".  I think you may like it!


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