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helmet-goggles June 14,  2019

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town

We created a new private pilot at Outlaw Aviation.  It was a great moment for me, since I'd flown with Luka Perle in the Big Yellow glider when he was just a pup a few years ago. 
Luka with the Big Yellow Glider at Sunriver years ago.

 It has taken him some time and it has cost his folks some Irish Whiskey, but we did it today. 
Learning to fly can often be a family affair.  Luka (Center with father Ben and mother, Maeve.

 I'm so proud I could just bust my buttons.  Maybe that's why I keep one foot in flight instruction.  

Trever Shutte was also recognized for becoming a private pilot within a few short weeks of Luka.  Trever will be helping to park airplanes during the wonderful annual Fly-In at the Sisters Eagle Airport (6K5) on the Fourth of July.  Be sure to say "Hi".

Trever Schutte in the Cessna 120.

A New Article on the Tailwheeler's Journal  
Today's new article is called "Air Awareness".  It's a term that my pal, Bill Warren, used to use all the time.  This article will make you more aware, not only of the meaning of "Air Awareness", but also its importance.  
Ryan Fukumoto in the Cessna 120.
An Older Article

I enjoyed re-visiting this little article which was basically a reminiscence of a fun trip that my old C 140 and I did together a few years ago.

My old 140 and me (photo by Bert Garrison)

"My Weekend" is the link which will take you to it on the tailwheelersjournal.com.


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