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helmet-goggles September 6,  2019

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town
My pal, Jim Boeckl, came out from Medford with his lovely Aeronca Champ and we flew for a couple of days.

Jim Boeckl]
Jim with his Aeronca

 My latest book, Airshow Pilot , is coming soon! It will be available via Amazon in both printed and Ebook formats. 

A New Article on the Tailwheeler's Journal  
I've noticed a disturbing trend on the part of many pilots of making a huge pattern.  I know that I've been criticized in the past for the altitude and size of my patterns, but did you know there is a method to my madness?  This article will address the size of your patterns. 

The Tailwheel Town PA12 at the grass strip at the Madras Airport
(Photo by Phil Comingore)

The Older Article

An unforgettable afternoon with the Memphis Belle...sipping iced tea with her namesake, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel in time and crawl into the belly of The Belle herself. 

The Belle and her crew.

The Tailwheeler's Journal is proud to team with Oregon Aero in our quest to promote safer pilots through  development of greater flying skill. Remember, every pilot who completes a course at Tailwheel Town will receive a complimentary Gift Certificate from Oregon Aero.

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