Issue #19   | March 28, 2023

LATEST UPDATE: Noise Wall Construction, Trail Closures and Schedule Updates

Three-Week Construction Look-Ahead

Shoulder work along many locations of northbound and southbound U.S. 69, including ramps, will continue in the coming weeks to prepare for bridge widening work and to locate utilities. Night work will continue, focused primarily between 135th Street and 151st Street. Nightly closures, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday, will impact 135th Street, closing lanes as needed for bridge work. Please watch the digital message boards along these roads for more information closer to the date. Night work will also impact 143rd Street at U.S. 69 with similar closures for bridge work in early April.  

90-Day Lane Closures

The 90-day single lane closure on U.S. 69 northbound at the 151st Street bridge is scheduled to begin April 7. Please watch for message board updates with any new information as the date moves closer. Construction schedules are subject to changes and weather delays. Follow this project on for the latest information.

Noise Walls

Information on the approximate construction schedule for each noise wall is now available, as noted in the map.

The early work will be where the wall alignment is close to the roadway directly behind barrier. These early portions are planned to be completed during ‘major’ roadway work in those areas.

The remaining sections are where the noise wall alignment is closer to the right-of-way and allows access for crews in later stages after lanes of traffic are shifted to their final configuration.

  • NW#20: Some work in Fall 2023, remainder in 2025
  • NW#17: 2024
  • NW#19: Some work in Fall 2023, remainder in 2024
  • NW#16: Some work in 2024, remainder in 2025-2026
  • NW#13: 2024-2025
  • NW#15: Some work in Fall 2023, remainder in 2024
  • NW#12: 2025-2026
  • NW#9: Some work in 2024, remainder in 2025
  • NW#11: Some work in Fall 2023, remainder in 2024
  • NW#8: 2024
  • NW#10: Some work in Fall 2023, remainder in 2024

As Background:

In 2021, the project team concluded its noise evaluation, which studied noise impacts along the corridor and determined where noise walls were feasible. Noise walls will be built in areas where it has been determined that they will reduce noise by at least 5 decibels (dB). Those in residential areas who would benefit from a 5 dB reduction were categorized as "Benefitted Receptors" and voted on whether they wanted a noise wall in their area. Voting determined that 11 noise walls will be constructed in several designated areas from 151st Street to Indian Creek near 119th Street.

Trail Closures

Several bike and hike trails will need to be closed for safety in areas where construction is nearby. Indian Creek Trail and Tomahawk Trail will be the first impacted. Overland Park Recreation regularly updates a Trail Closure Map with information including closures and alternate routes for bikers and hikers. For more information about trail closures and duration, visit the Overland Park Recreation page here.

Moving Forward

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