Water Year 2021: June Runoff
Observed unregulated inflow into Lake Powell for June 2021 was 810 KAF, 30% of the 30-year average for the month of June (2.67 MAF). As of June 21, 2021, total accumulated runoff for the April-July 2021 runoff season was 1.64 MAF, or roughly 22% of the 30-year average accumulation for that same date. Read more>>
CAP recognized for outstanding wellness program
CAP’s comprehensive wellness program focuses on improving employees’ individual health and wellness and helping control medical and health-related costs for both employees and the organization. Read more>>
Water: Brought to you by Sara Ainsworth, IT Project Manager
Sara Ainsworth leverages technology to help ensure CAP reliably delivers water to central and southern Arizona. Read more>>
CAP's canal is 336 miles long, ending 14 miles south of Tucson. The concrete is 3.5 inches thick and, in some areas, it is reinforced with steel rebar.
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