Our programs continue to provide much needed services to the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing communities. Through our Audiology Clinic, Interpreter Services, and Community Outreach & Advocacy departments, we are ready to serve you. Below are recent highlights and for more information, visit our web site. Feel free to email us and support us in our work.

September is Deaf Awareness Month:

A Celebration of the linguistic, artistic, social, political and cultural

contributions and accomplishments

of people who are Deaf

How Can You Celebrate Deaf Awareness Month?



  • Learn about Civil Rights Laws that played an important role in achieving equal access and equal opportunities for people who are Deaf.


  • Understand that people who are Deaf are employed in various positions and own their own businesses. Learn about employment.


  • Read about CHS including our programs and services.

      CHS's Sign Language Classes       

Adult Classes

CHS offers adult sign language classes both in person and through Zoom. We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level classes. Class schedules and registration information: Click Here.

Youth Classes

Do you want your child to learn to sign language? We have virtual classes! Class schedules and registration: Click Here.

Custom Classes

CHS offers classes for companies and organizations. We make sure that we also adjust our curriculum based on your need. For example, we can add banking signs, residential living signs, medical signs, etc. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


If you're looking for one-on-one support, CHS has sign language tutors ready to create lesson plans to meet your needs. Tutoring packages come in 10-session packs and are scheduled based. To request tutoring from CHS, click here.

CHS's Audiology Clinic

CHS's Audiology Clinic is OPEN and ready to serve you. Not only do we offer full service options such as hearing evaluations, testing, and amplification consultation, but we offer the following as well:

  • Hearing aid cleaning and check-ups
  • Programming adjustments
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Tubing changes
  • Wax traps, domes, batteries and supplies

Please contact us to schedule an appointment, place an order, schedule a pick-up or request drop-off, and mail order instructions. If you are unsure if over-the-counter hearing aids are for you, we encourage you to contact us.

CHS and the Chicago Bears


"Da Bears!" CHS is honored to partner this football season with the Chicago Bears. For all home games, CHS will select Deaf performers for the National Anthem. Follow us on Facebook to see who's performing next!

Left: Deaf Performer, Debbie Fink, with the Highland Park Police Department Color Guard.



ISD is happy to report that we continue to provide quality interpreting and CART services both remotely as well as in-person. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or make your request directly on our web site.

If you are new to CHS's ISD, we encourage you to partner with us to ensure effective communication.

If you are an interpreter, we would love to have you join our team

CHS's Youth & Family Connections Program

Are you a family with a Deaf, DeafBlind or Hard of Hearing child? CHS's Youth & Family Connections (YFC) Program is here for you. We offer support services and programming in the home, school and community. All services are free and include: Deaf Mentors working individually with your family, early literacy support, family events, and more! To learn more about the YFC Program, browse our recent newsletter, contact Us, and view the video (to the right) highlighting Dawn, her son Skylar, and their journey with CHS's YFC Program. To sponsor a family for Deaf Mentor services: Learn More.

Domestic Violence Awareness Night

October 26 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Join us for a FREE interactive workshop and presentation. Everyone is welcome! Dinner will be provided and registration is required by October 13th to Rob at RNyczaj@anixter.org.

Where: Anixter Center, 1945 W Wilson St, 3rd Floor, Chicago 60640.

Women's Breast Health Workshop

October 20 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join us for a FREE workshop in ASL. Light food will be provided and raffle gift cards will be presented. Registration is required by October 13th to Rob at RNyczaj@anixter.org.

Where: Anixter Center, 1945 W Wilson St, 3rd Floor, Chicago 60640.

CHS's DeafBlind Community Program

A collaboration between our community and state partners, we have created a dedicated service geared specifically for the DeafBlind and low vision community with hearing loss to ensure equal access to services and programs throughout the state of Illinois. Services are available at no cost and DeafBlind specialists are able to provide communication in a consumer’s preferred communication mode.

To learn more about the DeafBlind Community Program, visit our web site or contact us.

If you are DeafBlind, please join us for educational workshops. Topics include Co-Navigators (CNs), employment, and health/community services. Workshops will be held on October 25, 2022 and February 21, 2023 and May 25, 2023. All workshops will be held at Anixter Center, 1945 W Wilson, 3rd Floor, Chicago 60640. For free registration, accommodations, and transportation information, contact Jason at JWeiland@anixter.org at least 3 weeks prior.

CHS's NEW Training & Education Program

NEW TO CHS! CHS now offers training and educational opportunities for companies, hospital systems, non-profits, and any business on serving the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Communities. Topics include "Deaf 101", best practices, etiquette when interacting, technology and more. Trainings can be adapted to fit your needs. For requests, please contact Karla.

Visit ChicagoHearingSociety.org

Audiology: CHSAudiology@anixter.org

Interpreter Services: CHSInterp@anixter.org

Community Outreach & Advocacy: CHSCOA@anixter.org

Please consider adding CHS to your estate planning discussion. And, if your company has a matching gift program, please let us know. For questions or assistance with your contribution, please contact us.

The Chicago Hearing Society office is located at: 1444 W. Willow Street, Chicago, IL 60642. Street and garage parking are available. Our staff speak English, Spanish and American Sign Language. For questions, appointments and information, please contact us.

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