“We are a covenant-based community with fair, balanced and consistent standards. We are focused on the preservation and enhancement of our tranquil mountain environment, lake and recreational amenities.”
Fire Ban in Effect
As of June 12th
CLCC prohibits all open fires

Propane fire places and grills are ok with on/off switch at this time. Charcoal grill are not allowed.

Smoking is only permitted in an enclosed vehicle or building, or while stopped in an area at least 3’ in diameter that is clear of all flammable materials per the county

CLCC NEVER allows ANY fireworks or sparklers ever.

Thank you for following all fire regulations & keeping our neighborhood safe from fire!

Violation of the fire ban by any person will result in an immediate fine of $500 assessed directly to the owner
(CLCC usually has stricter fire restrictions than the county)
Have you Signed up for code red notifications?
Our community is growing and changing at a pretty dramatic rate! Old timers would say “we have been discovered!” In l978, there were only 80 homes built and they were modest in price and size. Fast forward to the present. Over the last 10-15 years, homes have been built to the maximum of our community setbacks, leaving less space between homes and creating more density in terms of both people and homes.
We have had almost 40% turnover in owners in the last 5 years and surprisingly our home values have increased regardless of the East Troublesome Fire. We have a total of 609 lots with approximately 470 homes around our 45 acre lake. We maintain 6 miles of road, acres of common area, a horse pasture, and our 50 year old Clubhouse. 
The majority of our homes are 2nd homes and we have approximately 50 homes licensed to be short-term rentals. Many households on average have 4-6 watercraft, a few homes have as many as 10 and our boat rack waiting list began with over 50 owners at the start of the summer.
Columbine Lake Country Club was started in 1969 and the original “founders” created an HOA to oversee and manage our amenities and neighborhood. Our website has a copy of our covenants and governing documents that stipulate the rules to provide protection and a harmonious environment of the community and for the compliance of those rules. The CLCC HOA, like all HOA’s in Colorado, must abide by Colorado State laws. The governing documents may seem restrictive and cumbersome to some yet their purpose is to safeguard all residents, their guests and their property values in a fair and consistent way.
Our challenge is how do we as a community preserve our mission statement, “We are focused on the preservation and enhancement of our tranquil mountain environment, lake and recreational amenities”? Help the community by educating yourself on our governing documents, abiding by those documents, being courteous and helpful to your neighbors and showing appreciation for the staff and volunteer board and committees that work to make Columbine Lake Country Club a great place to be. 
Thank you Colorado Unit Mennonite Disaster Service
A great big thank you to the Colorado Unit Mennonite Disaster Service group and our wonderful owners Paul & Mary Johnson who coordinated amazing volunteers to help CLCC clean up the slash at the horse pasture, clean up the North Beach after the fire and the dead trees on the common property. They had over 60 non owner volunteers and the CLCC owners who volunteered were

Chris Atencio
Neal Cross
Tom Adams
Teresa Frederick
Roberta Garbett
Bryan Grigg
Erin & Jeff Yelle
Fred & CJ Garey
Holly Murtaugh
Deborah & David Flitter
Keith Kratz 
Paul & Mary Johnson

Offered Housing for the volunteers
Barbara McDonald

Mennonite Disaster Service is a volunteer network of Anabaptist churches dedicated to responding to natural and man-made disasters in Canada and the United States. Their aim is to assist the most vulnerable community members, individuals, and families who would not otherwise have the means to recover. They are here in Grand County to assist with those individuals who were underinsured and without resources after they lost their home and were so kind to give the HOA time and dedication to our clean up efforts.

Please take time to thank Paul & Mary Johnson for bringing us this valuable resource.
Clubhouse Help Wanted

CLCC is looking for a Clubhouse Staff Members. If you or if you know anyone who is interested please email office@columbinelake.com 
your resume or ask for an application. Must be able to work weekends and holidays.

We are happy to announce that we will be holding our traditional CLCC Parade and Concert on July 4th!

A variety of beverages will be offered. Must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages and bring your ID if you look under 30.

CLCC Badges will be required.

More info will be emailed out as we get closer with times and full activity schedule.

Camp Columbine will be back for the kids.


Join us for Yoga on the beach (near the office) on Saturday, June 26th at 10 AM. Our very own CL’er Jeannene  Orofino will be instructing. All levels welcome.  Bring your yoga mat and water. There is no charge but donations will be accepted if desired and funds applied to the CLCC Troublesome Fire Fund. TY Jeannene!
As you know most of us were extremely lucky in the aptly named Troublesome Fire.

Our CLCC neighbors lost 28 homes and 1 staff member just outside CLCC lost theirs as well. It is still very difficult for those owners trying to deal with insurance, acquiring a builder/financing and creating re-build plans with the challenge of a small window of time to build over the Summer.
We have had a lot of questions about those lots that are not yet cleaned-up. Grand County has partnered with the Baptist Disaster Relief Group who is a trained volunteer organization who responds to natural disasters to help individuals clean up the lost of their homes. Most of the CLCC owners who lost their home that have not cleaned up their lots are on their list and will be cleaned up by the end of August.

We ask for your understanding and patience to all those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and to those who suffered damage and come together for them while they rebuild their homes and lives. CLCC has approved Saturday work hours to aid in the amount of work that needs to been done in the short construction window that Grand County has. The sounds of construction in the community are signs of progress being made with recovery efforts.
Board Meeting Update
During the June 12th board meeting the Board of Directors approved to add the wording "Class 1 Violation" which is a fine of $500 to Owners Regulations Article XXI Section 21.01 number 3. CLCC has the right to enforce a fire ban for CLCC apart from any County or town of Grand Lake ban. When the county or the town of Grand Lake announces a fire ban or fire restriction, CLCC will follow their request. Class 1 Violation.

Building Permit

Please visit our CLCC website and submit permits for repair, renovation or new build work. Applications are available here and it’s necessary to fully complete the form with all necessary information. The ARC will do its best to review your application in a timely way. Our call to the community for volunteers has not been forthcoming and we are working as quickly as we can to not extend our approval window for these busy summer months. Help us by doing your part to obtain permits for work and ensuring all information is correct and submitted. Thanks!

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the role of reviewing applications for repair, additions and builds and ensuring the work complies with the Building Criteria for the community. Volunteers serve 3 year terms and a challenge they face is the amount of work in digging into the plans and reviewing county and CLCC rules and policy, especially with the impact of the fire. Normally the ARC meets once per month but recently the ARC has been meeting weekly to make decisions in this very busy time. The ARC continues to learn and work as a team and we are currently re-setting our focus with a few new members. Our volunteer committee has expertise in architecture, construction, design and policy. A question often asked of the ARC is, “don’t we grandfather things in, my ….. has been here for years?” The answer is “no, we do not grandfather”. The charter of the ARC is to fairly and consistently use our HOA governance as a guide for decisions. Variances to ARC building regulations are possible only for extreme situations at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The ARC wants to support all owners efforts in keeping their properties maintained and in compliance. We encourage all to read the application documents and check-lists for new building and get permits for home projects. Those properties that are outside our current rules are required to be brought into compliance when undergoing renovations and repairs. Fines for violating building criteria rules have been re-vamped and will be in place soon.

The summer months are the opportune time to check out governing documents on the website as you review your projects and maintain your property.
Have you seen the 2 baby moose?
Have you seen the 2 baby moose? Keep an eye out for them. Speaking of wildlife....After the fire the wildlife are looking for food and you may see more of them around the neighborhood. Please stay clear of wildlife as they are wild animals and not pets, keep your food and garbage cleaned up from the outside and keep your pets on leashes. Thank you!
Thank you CLCC Owner Volunteers
Thank you Harbison Ditch Clean volunteers. Why help out with the Harbison? This is where our water source comes from and is essential in keeping the lake clean and full.

John Joyce
Tami Joyce
Bobbie Garbett
Teresa Frederick
Ken Lund
Chris Atencio
Mike McCrystal
John Sack
John Hoos
Katie Ellis
Mark Woltkamp

Thank You Fyke Net Volunteers

Mark Trumbo
John Joyce
John Sack

CLCC does not fully run without the time and dedication of owner volunteers
Got Trout?
Rainbow trout was stocked in the lake at the end of May and another will happen in July.

Happy fishing!

400 lbs 9-14" trout 165 lbs 12-16' trout
Lake Access Parking
Parking spots for lake access is limited at each location and we ask you to be courteous to those who do not have boat racks and leave the parking spots for them and for the owners who have physical constraints.
Mosquito Fogging and Mag Chloride
Mosquito Fogging
Thursday, June 24th
Between 7:30pm—11:00pm
Please try to remain indoors during this time, keep your pets inside,
Windows closed, &
If you see your neighbor-tell them!
Thank you
 Mag-Chloride will also be sprayed on the roads Thursday, June 24th @ 9 am
Lake Patrol
Please welcome Mike Eastop to our team - and thanks again to all of you for volunteering.  Please let me know if there are others who might be a good fit for this volunteering effort. We appreciate YOU!!
Pictured is Lake Patrol Jody Fattore
Got Pike?
This 23” pike was caught on June 20th by
5 year old Graham Wennogle, grandson of Ron and Holly Gralak, in Columbine Lake who recieved $20 for the pike bounty.
Annual Assessments are billed at the end of June with at least half of the invoice due before the end of July. Amount must be received in the office by the end of July please plan ahead.
Light Pollution Guide
Beware of Bears
Help us keep everyone safe from bears by taking in bird feeders, dog food and disposing of trash properly. This not only protects the community but also the bears. If the bears do not find food they quickly move out of the area. Bear sightings are reported to Colorado Parks and wildlife. If a bear continues to visit Columbine the CPW may deem the bear a nuisance which does not end well for the bear. Let's protect the bears.

If the recycle is full please dispose of it in the compactor or wait until it is emptied. The recycle is emptied every Wednesday throughout the summer and every other week in the winter. Recycle may also be taken to the Granby Ace Hardware on Saturday Mornings.
Slash n Trash
Saturday, July 24th from 8am to 4pm
Sunday, July 25th from 8am to 2pm

Remember your CLCC badge or you will not be able to dump!

NO SLASH is to be brought to the horse pasture. Thank you!
If you have ATVs, or have guests or renters please familiarize yourself with the CLCC Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) regulations for use on our roads (Article XII of our Owners Regulations). Key points include:
Ø No child under the age of 10 may drive an OHV

Ø Drivers over the age of 10 must have a valid driver’s license OR be accompanied by a person with a valid driver’s license

Ø OHVs are to be used only to travel to and from a place or activity. Circling around the lake and neighborhoods and “joy-riding” is prohibited
Friendly Reminders
  • Wear your CLCC HOMEOWNER BADGE and/or FISHING PASS when at the Lake or Clubhouse

  • CLCC Speed Limit is 15 MPH for Safety of our Friends, Family and Wildlife

  • No Parking on CLCC Roads or Cul De Sacs for Emergency Vehicles and Road Maintenance Vehicles to get Through.

  • Quiet Time & Outside Lights Need to be Turned Off by 10 PM.

  • Dogs must be kept on a physical leash or controlled by an electronic collar. Please clean up after your pets.

Moose Alley Clean Up

Owner Jana Miller coordinated a clean up effort for the Moose Alley property on behalf of a CLCC owner.

The Columbine Lakers below represented a total of about 120 man-hours!!

Bobbie Garbett
Teresa Frederik
Greg Thielen
Andy Hartman
Karla and Greg Conner
Doug Adams
Casey Lowdermilk
Bill King (what would we have done without his giant-sized trailer)
Jill Curry-Jahn
Rusty Czerwinski
David Wagor
Rob Shamo
Brian Owen
Martin Ruble
Jana Miller
The entire delightful Otteson clan: Jen, Christian, Zen, Porter and Lucy

Special mention:
Rebecca Brentlinger for delish fresh donuts and water delivered at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Special special mention: Bobbie and Teresa for unrelenting work for two days PLUS donuts and muffins to start us out, and beer for the toast of a hard couple of days work.
July Clubhouse Hours

Monday through Thursday 4 PM to 8 PM
Friday through Saturday 12 PM to 8 PM
Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM
Emergency and Important Numbers

Grand County Sheriff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-3343
Grand Lake Fire Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-8428
Grand County Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-3347
Town of Grand Lake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-3435
Middle Park Medical Center . . . . . . . . 970-887-5800
Three Lakes Water & San . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-3544
Columbine Lake Water District . . . . . .970-627-3683
Mountain Parks Electric . . . . . . . . . . . . .970-887-3378
(click on the underlined name and it will take you to their webpage)