Dear Gould Families,

In light of Governor Mills' announcements over the weekend and the growing number of COVID cases in Maine, it seems prudent to take some sensible precautions.

As hard as it will be, we will NOT be scheduling any more family visits until further notice. Thanksgiving will be here soon, and students may travel home then if they wish but must still become a remote student until their scheduled January return date if they do.

The number of students who have indicated that they will be leaving to go home for Thanksgiving is small enough that we do not see the need to assign time slots for pick up, but we do ask that you let your child's advisor know when you plan to arrive so the AOD can meet you. You will not be allowed to enter the dormitory for ANY reason.

For those arriving from out of state, please be advised that visitors from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut must now test or quarantine if they travel to Maine. We expect all families to follow Maine CDC recommendations.

Also a clarification for local families:
In order to reduce the risk to the entire Gould Community, it is important that day students minimize their interaction with anyone who does not live in their household. Students who have close contact* with anyone not part of the Gould Community or their regular household will be asked to learn remotely.

We have reminded all employees to take the same precautions, and the COVID response team regularly reviews our response plan and possible options.
Thanks as always for your patience, your understanding, and the trust you have in us. With your help we’ll stay healthy together.
Julie Reiff
Director of Marketing & Communications

P.S. This week we thought we'd talk about the election during the Coffee Chat. We hope you can join us.

*Per CDC website: Close contact is someone who was within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.