Volume 1 | January 10, 2018
2018 Quarterly Newsletter
Our quarterly e-newsletter will keep you informed of the latest developments at the Human Services Campus and how we are using the power of collaboration to end homelessness.
Respite Center to Open On Campus
Circle the City takes over Healthcare for the Homeless
Effective January 1st, Circle the City (CTC) assumed administrative responsibilities of Healthcare for the Homeless located on the Human Services Campus. CTC will also be re-purposing a facility on the Campus into a medical respite center. "We are thrilled to have Circle the City and Sister Adele back on the Human Services Campus," said Sheila Harris, Executive Director of the Campus. Sister Adele O'Sullivan founded Healthcare for the Homeless on the Campus in 2005. "Having Sister Adele and her team's quality health services and new respite center fills a critical gap in our overall solution to ending homelessness, especially for our most medically vulnerable clients." Please join us in welcoming Circle the City to the Human Services Campus!
Progress Made in Collaboration with Holiday Street Feeders
During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, thousands of well-intentioned volunteers came to the areas just outside the Campus, providing food and clothing to individuals experiencing homelessness. While the Human Services Campus is grateful for their charitable spirit, a number of serious problems occur as a result of this giving:

  1. Health concerns: most volunteers are not licensed food handlers, which increases the risk of contamination and does not take into account people who have diabetes and other medical issues. Some volunteer groups provided alcohol, resulting in cases of alcohol poisoning requiring emergency medical care.
  2. Most people experiencing homelessness have no place to store the quantity of goods they receive and are forced to leave items on the street. The City of Phoenix collected 27.5 tons of trash around the Campus over the holidays!
  3. Providing food and clothing on the street keeps people outside the Campus and less likely to engage in services that will help them end their homelessness.

Fortunately, many volunteers have been increasingly receptive to work with the Campus and our partners such as Andre House and St Vincent de Paul. The result is a win-win for individuals experiencing homelessness and volunteers wanting to help. The ability to use commercial kitchens and pleasant dining rooms provides a safe and clean environment for everyone. The goal for 2018 is an open invitation to volunteers to work together with the Campus and also provide assistance throughout the year, particularly over the summer months when fewer resources are available. If you are interested in volunteering for food services on the Campus, please contact St Vincent de Paul at 602-261-6886 or Andre House at 602-255-0580, Ext. 302.
Outreach to Engage Individuals In Neighborhoods Near the Campus
The Human Services Campus and Lodestar Day Resource Center recently received funding to hire "Navigators" who will do street outreach. Some of these clients may have already interacted with Staff but are hesitant to ask for further assistance for a variety of reasons. 

Goals for this effort are:
  • Engage more clients in services to end their homelessness
  • Improve the safety of the Campus environment by removing these clients from predators and dangerous situations
  • Enhance the ongoing beautification initiatives of the Campus

We will keep you apprised of our successes with the new Campus outreach program in future e-newsletters.
Success Story: Corey Has A Home!
Corey  was homeless and became an active volunteer for the different agencies on Campus during his homelessness. He mentored many of the youth on Campus to stay out of trouble and to keep their heads up during their difficult times. Although Corey had a difficult time getting himself out of homelessness, he knew a lot about the different services and would often advise other clients where to go to get the help they needed. Corey was able to get housed by being connected to the Peer Team, a support group of individuals who formerly experienced homelessness. He was able to maintain his appointments with his medical clinic and received a housing voucher. Corey now enjoys having a place of his own and the ability to relax while watching TV!
How Do Birdies At This Year's Phoenix Open Benefit the Human Services Campus?
You can make the Campus a big winner by making a pledge in the Birdies for Charity competition at the 2018 Waste Management Phoenix Open! That’s because the Human Services Campus is a participating charity and will receive every single penny of collected pledges!
Your pledge is "per birdie." If 1,500 birdies are made (average for the tournament) your total pledge would be:

$0.01 = $15; $0.04 = $60
$0.02 = $30; $0.05 = $75
$0.03 = $45; $0.10 = $150
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