published on Sept 16, 2022


We Look Forward to Seeing You On


(September 18)

Church starts at 10:00 AM

Food and fun on the Green immediately following

Children will remain in worship. 

(in worship activities  and crayons will be available in the Narthex and Parlor)


The new Church School program year begins next Sunday - Sept 25.

We are excited to have new and returning volunteers

and a new (temporary) location - Whiting House!

Church School will meet in Whiting House*

so that repairs can be made to the Church School hallway downstairs. 

This is an exciting opportunity to try

something new, and we look forward to using

the space creatively!

*We are working hard to make Whiting House ready for September 25. Please check here next week for any updates and additional information.


Important update on 

the Use of Face Masks in Church School this Fall 

from the Faith Formation Ministry Team

A welcoming Church School is one where every child can engage and have fun; this means that we are often in close proximity to one another. For this reason, we recommend that children continue to wear masks in church school, however we will no longer require it


 We reserve the option, however, of asking church school participants

(children and adults) to wear a mask if conditions change, or if for medical reasons, not wearing masks would be a barrier to a child's participation.

In this situation masks will be provided.


Sunday, October 2 is

World Communion Sunday,

an annual remembrance that Christians all over the world are part of one family – the family of Christ. 


In our church we will commemorate this day by gathering at the Lord's Table as a multi-generational family. Our church school children will return to the Sanctuary and join their families for Communion. 

Of course, whether or not your child receives the elements is up to you; you may wish for them to wait until they are older. But either way they will experience what Christians all over the world do all the time – remember Jesus with something as simple as sharing bread and cup. 


On the Sunday before World Communion Sunday, September 25, our elementary age children will explore the origin and meaning of communion, and its importance as a sacrament, during Church School. Information for family discussion will also be shared.


We hope your family is able to participate on both Sundays.


Don't miss these upcoming events.

Update your calendars with the information below.

  • Sunday October 2:  Stepping Stones Youth Group for 5th & 6th Graders will meet in Whiting House from 5:00 to 6:30 PM. Dinner will be provided.  Additional information will be sent via email.  


Sunday Morning
Just Kids Church School
Children begin in Worship with their families
and leave for church school after the sharing of Peace.

Information for Sunday, September 18

Children will remain in worship on Welcome Sunday

Church School Offering During church school we collect an offering.

Our offering includes any money the children bring AND something from our hearts. Money collected is added to the offering collected during Worship.

Additional Church School Information:

  • Young children and visiting children, should be escorted to Church School by an adult family member.
  • Children in the PreK3 - K age group should be able to use the bathroom independently or with minimal assistance.

Pop-up Nursery

Located in the Parlor, this space welcomes families with infants and young children who need an alternative setting for part or all of the service.

Our Pop Up Nursery offers a sanitized floor mat for little ones, a comfortable chair or rocker for caregivers, and live-stream access to the service.


Stepping Stones (grades 5 & 6).

Information about this youth group will be mailed soon.  Please email Dawn Marchand, Director of Christian Education, via this LINK, if you have any questions.

Middle School Youth Group (grades 7 & 8):

For information about this youth group please contact Todd Syrzyniarz, Director of Youth Ministry via this LINK

*Youth Groups do not meet during school vacation or on holidays. Changes to the regular schedule will be communicated via Email. For information about our High School Youth Group please contact Todd via the above link

When Acolytes carry the flame

into the worship service, it symbolizes the

light of God's presence among us.

Serving as an Acolyte is a wonderful faith formation opportunity for youth in grades 4 through 9. If your child is interested in being an Acolyte during Advent and Lent, please click here to email Dawn Marchand.


Please do not hesitate to email, text or call Dawn Marchand (860-481-9850)
with any questions about the events and information included in this E-blast,
or any of our Faith Formation Programs.