August 20
Children's Ministry
Salt and Light
(August 22)
6:00 Recreation
6:30 Creative Worship
7:15 Pick up
Salt and Light is a ministry for kids in Kindergarten thru 5th grade. Sign in at the Kids Welcome Desk. The nursery is open for all children preschool and under.
Zioneer Pool Party
If you did not receive an evite to this event PLEASE email me so I can add you to the list!

Thank you to the Bridenbaugh's for their hospitality!
Morning Gems
Now Meets Every Thursday
Morning GEMS (Good Enough Moms) is returning on Thursday, August 22 and is moving to a weekly format. Gather in the Kid Center at 10:00 am for coffee and a time of fun, fellowship and enrichment.
GEMS is a group for mothers with any age children, to support, encourage, and have fun together. We know that a mom can be stressed out and try to stretch herself
too thin, which inevitably leaves a feeling like she’s just not good enough, doing enough or being the best she can be….

Moms are welcome to bring any little ones not involved in preschool. Because we are moms we can multitask...we can have topical parenting discussions, meet other moms and watch our kids play! Join us!! If you have any questions please contact Jeni McCord at

Birthday Cards!!
Please send me your child's birthday (including year) so I can make sure he/she gets a birthday card from us!

11 am Programming and ZAP start back on
Sept. 8
Until then worship as a family...
Remember there are busy baskets in the narthex for children to use during worship...

Nursery is open for preschool and under

9:45-10:45 am
Toddler Thru 5th Grade
Sign in at Kids Center Welcome Desk

In 2019-2020 Sunday School will be focused on
Building Godly Character. In August we will learn about Humility; studying Micah and Nehemiah.
Verse Purse Scriptures

Each month in Sunday School the kids are challenged to memorize scripture. Tickets are handed out when verses are memorized and the kids can spend them at our verse purse store.

Upcoming Church Events
See church newsletter for more details
August 21: Wednesday night programming starts back
August 25: Trinity River Band And Barbecue event
Sept. 8: Rise Against Hunger (East Cobb UMC) 2pm
Sept. 15:Preschool Luncheon and Auction
Sept. 29: ONE WORSHIP (10am) Pumpkins arrive!