Connect April 7, 2021
Connect Lesson Easter 2nd Sunday
Doubting Thomas
Family Discussion & video
In Sunday's Gospel we hear the story about Doubting Thomas. Would you have believed that Jesus was risen? Watch the video then talk about this with your family. Then click on the small picture to crack a secret coded message for Thomas.
The Ten Commandments
In one of our lessons before Lent, you learned about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land. On the way, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. God's people needed some guidelines or rules for how God wanted them to live. In the Old Testament there were TONS of rules that the Israelites were supposed to follow. But God wanted them and now us to focus on more important rules like loving God and our neighbor. This is why God gave us the Ten Commandments. Click on the picture for a video review.
Practice, practice, practice...
Click here for the ABCs of the OT
And More Practice...
Now that you know how we got the Commandments, it's time for you to learn them. After all, you can't live them if you don't know them.
The picture on the left is a list of the 10 Commandments that you have to learn. The picture on the right is a memory game to play with your family. See who can find and match the most cards to win and show their knowledge of the 10 Commandments. Print them both out and keep them handy! We will be using these a lot over the rest of this year in Connect.
After you have played the memory game a few times, try playing without your "cheat sheet" list of Ten Commandments!