Please help us to pray for:
COVID is rearing its head in our area again so please pray for all who have contracted this virus and for all family members too.

Pray for our church that our efforts will be blessed in terms of our new plans for Evangelism, Visitation and Council Leadership. Please pray that we will be in unity with each other and the Lord's will.

With the seclusion of Covid, the mental health of many are suffering. Please pray that God gives help to those that are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Pray for our country and our upcoming elections that God would raise up his choices for our leaders and they will be godly and strong in faith.

Pray and ask God to bless us with a new pastor. That he will provide a good fit for our congregation. (Call meeting will be held on November 1st)

Please pray for our school, Word of Life, that they will have everything they need to instruct students both in subjects and God's Word. Pray for the health of both our teachers and our students throughout the school year.

Please join us in giving thanks for prayers answered:
We are thankful that Pastor Kock has agreed to shepherd our flock during our time of transition.

We are thankful for all of our church family, whether worshipping at home or in-person church.

We are thankful for our leadership and for all those that assist to keep Centennial growing.