E-NEWS from Centennial Lutheran
Septmber15, 2020 | Vol. 2 - Is. 6
Pastor Mark Kock
On September 13, the voters of Centennial unanimously voted to call Pastor Mark Kock as our vacancy pastor. He recently retired from Resurrection Lutheran Church in Milwaukee. His desire is to be able to assist congregations like ours with vacancies and short term positions while in retirement.

He will be leading our service on Sunday, September 20. Please come and offer him a cordial welcome to Centennial. We thank him for being willing to serve our congregation in this way.

Please continue to pray for him as he becomes acclimated to Centennial life.

He can be reached at the church office 414-281-8820 or email him at pastor_kock@centennialwels.org

This past Sunday, September 13, we said goodbye to Pastor Pufahl and family as they embark on a new ministry at Faith Lutheran in Fond Du Lac, WI. There were many tears and hugs that afternoon and we served over 135 a wonderful meal. About 160 were in attendance.

There were faces we haven't seen in a long time so it was a welcome home fellowship as well.

Even though they are on to a new phase in their ministry, the Pufahl family will always remain a part of our Centennial's family. God speed, Pastor and family.
Jenny and Pastor at the Centennial sign.
Last Sermon, reminiscing about a boy and a water fountain.
We had two baptisms that day!
Sharing memories with His Way Band.
Official goodbye from Centennial.
Pufahl kids at the Centennial sign.
Class schedules have changed due to getting the approval of Word of LIfe School's plan from the city.

The schedule is now that half of each class meets on Monday and Wednesday. The other half meets on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is an online education day.

We pray for our school and its teachers as they navigate the school year. We wish them health and peace as they complete the awesome job of teaching our children.
For those of you who watch our streaming service, in the next couple of weeks, you should see a great upgrade from the system we previously had.

The PTZ Optics camera has been installed. (thanks Gary Nath) It is almost ready to go!

We have been busy getting the network ready, setting static IP addresses, resolving bugs, adding memory, setting presets and testing the system as we go.

Keep watching for the transition, it should be soon. We ask you to be patient with us as we get acclimated to the new software.

We are still looking for individuals that can serve the church by operate the new camera and or running slides. If you can not serve yourself, please pray that God provides workers who have a heart for our online community and that we can continue to provide this type of outreach in the future.
Rev. Keith Free, Wels Home Missions administrator, shares an update on how God is blessing our Home Missions outreach efforts to every neighbor in the United States, Canada, and English-speaking West Indies.
Martin Luther once said, “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music.” and our hymns do proclaim His Word.

God gave music the ability to change us and transform us. It can change our mood from sad to happy or even from happy to sad. Music brings us joy and sometimes move us to tears. It lifts up the spirit.

Do you have a special hymn that you treasure? Please share it with us. Use the box in the church lobby and write down your hymn and we will use it in an upcoming service.

Centennial has two dartball teams. It's time for you to join the fun. Dartball is a coed sport. We play each Thursday from September through March. Contact Phil Krueger (414-813-0820) or Andy Huth (414-543-4741)

Games start this week Thursday but it's not to late to join! Contact Phil or Andy for more information.

Fun, food, and fellowship. Dartball, that's all!

September 17
Dakota LaPoint

September 20
Jason Gramling

September 22
Craig Ellsworth
Tristin Berg

September 27
Lucas Sze


September 26
Jeremy and Suzie Nolte

(If you do not see your birthday or anniversary listed here, it's because the church office does not have your information.
Please contact the church office so we can update our records. Thank you for your help.
Jesus Chavez Alejandre
Shaylee Clough
Sydney Nath and Savannah White
The youth who go off to Luther Prep or college, can sometimes be “out of sight, out of mind.” We at Centennial would like to encourage them as much as possible and make sure that they know that we are praying for them and remembering them throughout the year. Can you help us to support and encourage these student as they strive to live a Godly life for Christ? Please consider sending them cards or perhaps even a care package to let them know they are important to us. Please keep them all in prayer as they transition to lives at schools that are far away.

Jesus Chavez Alejandre
i/c/o Luther Preparatory School
1300 Western Ave. Watertown, WI 53094

Savannah White
i/c/o Luther Preparatory School
1300 Western Ave. Watertown, WI 53094

Shaylee Clough
i/c/o Luther Preparatory School
1300 Western Ave. Watertown, WI 53094

Sydney Nath
i/c/o Martin Lutheran College
Box #872 1995 Luther Ct. New Ulm, MN 56073

Let's try to shower them with love and encouragement throughout the school year.

If you know of any other students that should be added to this list, send a text to Lin at 414-405-2343 or email her churchsecretary@centennialwels.org


President Kohlander will be meeting with church leadership on Wednesday, September 30th to start the official call process. At this meeting, leadership will share your feedback though the Church Assessment forms that you have shared with the council. You can discuss this process with anyone on the council should you have need.

If you know of a Centennial member who does not have email who would benefit from this newsletter, please contact our church secretary, Lin Kanitz, so she can deliver a copy to them.