June 2019
Volume 19, Issue 6
The Quickest Way to Stay Informed 
Epic Loyalty Test
You, our award-winning readers, and Paul Schliep, our award-winning editor, have helped make 19 years of Zipline e-zines an unexpected success in communication. To allow Paul a much-deserved sabbatical, this and the next two issues will put all of us to the test. Please consider clicking through all of the articles and links multiple times on multiple devices just to make us look good. Thank you!
How Do You Define "Resource Development?"
One reason we immediately liked Bret Bremberg was his definition of “Resource Development” as “developing resources for our local churches and their leadership.” How’s that for turning a stereotype on its head? We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the EFCA West team. We pulled out the usual stops and simply asked Bret to tell us about himself, in his own words. You’ll enjoy getting to know him here .
Something to Talk About: Can We Be Trusted?
Church leaders, can we be trusted? Trustworthiness is one of the most, if not the most, important character qualities for those who lead others - at least those who lead by example and influence rather than by compulsion and force. In this month's Something to Talk About, Bob Osborne shares with us questions that will fuel the conversation when it comes to issues such as sexual misconduct, financial improprieties and transparency. Are we willing to do the work and endure the inconvenience of being trustworthy to build trust? Can We Be Trusted?
Something Else to Talk About: Church Governance
(we could have said "Ecclesiastical Polity" but we didn't)
If you know Bob Osborne, you know that the few words he speaks are typically golden and worth recording. So when Bob says “I just read a book that I think we need to get in front of people ASAP," you listen, and we print. Find out what got Bob excited here…
Church Planting Spotlight: Even if the Bullet Train Never Reaches Bakersfield
We are excited for Kent and Danielle Schlecht as they wrap up their church planting residency at Compass Church in Goodyear, AZ and prepare to move to Bakersfield, CA, in early June to plant The Grove Church . As the Schlecht's venture out, Steve and Leslie Liebzeit, along with Joseph and Leah Brock, are moving from Lander, Wyoming, to Goodyear, AZ, to start  their church planting residency, also at Compass. They hope to launch a new church in the Phoenix Metro area in 2020. How exciting is that? If you're interested in learning about the many different ways you can get involved in church planting with EFCA West, please visit www.reachwest.net and/or contact Tim Jacobs at tim.jacobs@efca.org
Is Your Church Small? (We prefer the word “Normal”)
Two Views:
Dan Reiland blogs about the Great Value of churches under 100 in this encouraging article: The Great Value of Churches Under 100

Karl Vaters has written a book called Small Church Essentials and will be leading a two day workshop by the same name for those in churches of 250 or less in Sacramento, July 26-27 . Contact Western District Superintendent Neal Brower to register.
Keep those names coming… District Superintendent Transition
The window is still open for you to suggest names of individuals who you think God might have prepared to be the next season leader of the EFCA West ministry team. Please prayerfully read the Opportunity Snapshot and submit those names as instructed in the document.
Speaking of Transitions… (again/still)
Life coach Steve Graves presents a helpful metaphor in describing transitions from one role to another: Are you changing lanes or getting off the highway? …. Dr. Graves adds: “In my experience, nearly every transition falls into one of three categories: a road extension, a lane change, or a highway transfer.” Read the descriptions and applications in his article.   
When Are You Going to Montgomery?
We try to present unique material in this newsletter rather than re-post information you’ve already seen. But the ongoing conversation prompted by a recent visit to Montgomery is too important for you to miss. First, EFCA President Kompelien shares from his heart, and a follow-up article includes an interview with several of the EFCA leaders who attended. Please read or re-read both, and give some consideration to including a trip to Montgomery in your plans.
The word evokes a myriad of responses. Almost all of us have encountered its devastating effects. Kayla Stoecklein lost her pastor-husband Andrew to this evil in August last year. Learn of her heartbreak, pray for her, and most important, learn from her transparent wisdom.
Something to Think About
“Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say ‘infinitely’ when you mean ‘very’; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.” – C. S. Lewis