March 2019
Volume 19, Issue 3
The Quickest Way to Stay Informed

Church Planting Spotlight: EFC Green Valley, AZ
EFC Green Valley  is leading the way! They are now intentionally planting their  second  church and are looking for a catalytic leader who will answer the call to join with them in reaching the rapidly-expanding area south of Tucson, AZ, for Jesus. What Tim Jacobs, Director of Church Planting for EFCA West, loves about this church is their willingness to give away their resources and invest in a vision that is bigger than they are. Two questions: 1) Do you have a leader in your church that might fit what they are looking for to lead their next plant? If so, check out their  job description . 2) Would your church be interested in doing something similar? If so, we can help. Check out  or send an email to . Praise God for EFC Green Valley!
Two Transition Gatherings Remain
Only two opportunities remain to talk about the when and how of transitioning out of local church ministry into the next season of life. March's gathering will be in Tulare, CA, from noon on Monday, March 25, until noon on Tuesday, March 26 . This gathering will include wives . Monday d inner and overnight accomodations are provided for attendees. Those attending will need to provide any other meals before or after the gathering.

There is a date change for the last gathering in Salt Lake City. The new date is Thursday, April 25, and will be from noon until 4 pm.

The deadline for registering for Tulare is Monday, March 18 .
The deadline for registering for Salt Lake City is Thursday, April 18 .
Email if you have questions or want to register.
Enlighten Mental Health Seminar
Last October th e 2018 Enlighten Mental Health Seminar was held in the Thousand Oaks area to engage followers of Christ with this issue. The English Ministry of the Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks hosted the event. Now the videos of the sessions along with the notes and PowerPoint are available as a resource for churches who want to know how to come alongside those who struggle with mental health. Very few families in our churches are untouched by this issue . Here is the link to the videos, notes and PowerPoint presentations . This is the link to the videos only . Most of the videos are in English. Several are in Mandarin.
Something to Talk About: Prayer
In this month's Something to Think About, Bob Osborne suggests that a way to be intentional in leadership is to talk about the issue of prayer , both how we do it and why we do it. "I think my fear is that the habit of viewing and doing prayer as an opening and closing to a meeting can lead to it becoming a rote exercise – something we do ceremonially to start and end our meetings – rather than something of great importance and opportunity, the opportunity to commune with Almighty God in relation to our stewardship of the Bride of Christ. Kind of like reciting the pledge of allegiance but not giving any real thought to it. Here are some questions that may help us increase the depth and breadth of our prayers as leaders..."
The StratOp - How EFCA West Can Help You Get Unstuck
Tim Jacobs, pastor of Compass Church in Goodyear, AZ, recently summarized the church's experience with Bob Osborne of EFCA West and the tool called StratOp, designed to guide you from where you are to where you want to be. “' You can’t figure out where you should go until you first determine where you are .' We all listened intently as Bob Osborne, EFCA West Director of Church Health, began to lead us on a journey of clarity and alignment. Fifteen key leaders...gathered together for one purpose: to 'confront the brutal facts' and chart a clear way forward...Here’s the key: contrary to what often happens, our clarity has only intensified since the StratOp."
EFCA Podcast: What It Means to Be Evangelical
The EFCA Theology Podcast is a great resource of preaching and teaching from those within our family or from those who have spoken to our family at gatherings such as the annual Theology Conference. Last fall the theme for the Missional Summit was What it Means to Be an Evangelical. Doctor David Dockery, president of Trinity International University, spoke to the topic, as did Jenni Key, Director of Women and Prayer ministries from our Fullerton EFC, and Ken Young, Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ministries at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN.
S creen Time and Its Impact
Most of us have heard the statistics that children 8-18 spend an average of 7.5 hours each day on their devices. The Bible and neuroscience each warn that we become like that in which we invest our time. Because many churches are seeking ways to help both youth and the adults who love them, Palomar Christian Conference Center has instituted Camp Unplugged , a four-week overnight to address this issue for students 6-12 grade. Click the link to read through their description of the problem and their desire to be part of the solution.
Three Kinds of Church Members
The Effective Church Group, founded by Bill Easum, had a helpful article recently about Three Kinds of Church Members: The Idler, The Faithful Consumer, and The Faithful, Committed Disciple of Jesus Christ. The article describes the categories and gives suggestions on what to do with and about the people who inhabit those categories.
Something to Think About
"They anger him because he regards his time as his own and feels that it is being stolen. You must therefore zealously guard in his mind the curious assumption ‘My time is my own.’ Let him have the feeling that he starts each day as the lawful possessor of twenty-four hours." — Screwtape to Wormwood in The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis