September 2018
Volume 18, Issue 9
The Quickest Way to Stay Informed

Changes on the Horizon for EFCA West
For more than two decades Steve Highfill has served faithfully, first as the District Superintendent of EFCA Southwest, and then Regional Director for EFCA West. In this video, Steve Highfill and Kevin Kompelien, President of EFCA, talk about upcoming changes in the leadership of EFCA West. No timeline has been established yet, but there are intentional steps that will take place as the District moves into this transition.
Exponential West: October 2-4
Exponential West is coming once again to Irvine, CA, October 2-4, and there is a special EFCA West discount. The low price of $89 includes our own EFCA West pre-conference session, a dinner where our tribe can hang out together, and of course, conference registration. Click here to learn more about Exponential West and here to register. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the nation's most catalytic leaders and stoke your vision for multiplication.
EFCA History, Theology and Polity: November 2-3
Are you ready to pursue an EFCA ministry credential? Interested in a greater understanding of the EFCA? Considering placement in an EFCA church? Become familiar with the history, theology and polity of the Evangelical Free Church in this interactive seminar. There is no registration fee and some pre-reading is required. The seminar will be held at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, CA, on November 2-3. Details available here. Email by October 22 to register.
Immigrant Pathway Institute: November 12-16
Immigrant Pathway Institute is a 40-hour training covering a wide range of topics in immigration law and practice. The class is specifically designed to serve advocates working through churches and will cover topics such as the biblical ethics of immigration practice and how to mobilize a church to serve immigrants. Registration is $495 and the curriculum (approximately $300) must be purchased in advance.   A $125 per person discount is available to anyone who is a member of an EFCA church, and an additional $50 per person discount is available for 2 or more registering together.    Registration deadline is November 1  but it is recommended you register no later than October 15 th  in order to receive the curriculum and complete the pre-reading requirements for the course. For additional details, click here . The Institute will be held in Concord, CA.
Something to Talk About: Caring Enough for the Church to Care for Its Leaders
In May 2014 Bob Osborne began, what has turned out to be, a monthly post with the theme of "Something to Talk About." Each month he notes its purpose: "This is an ongoing series of postings intended to facilitate and serve as a guide for church leaders’ conversations about significant issues that often are not talked about among pastors, boards, and church leadership teams." In honor of more than four years of providing important things to talk about, here again is Bob's inaugural post.
What Happens When You Stop Learning?
Mike Bechtle has written a post that reminds us how easy it is to start drifting instead of intentionally learning, growing, stretching. What Happens When You Stop Learning highlights a 94-year-old who was learning about her new Apple watch from her granddaughter. Drawing from his experience as a trainer in the corporate world, Mike points us all toward the importance of continuing to learn.
Working Beyond 65 -- Will You Want To Or Need To?
Mark Dennis wrote a very helpful article in Forbes that includes suggestions for ways to anticipate future income as well as expenses . The article also addresses how engaged we are likely to be in our work past age 65 and gives examples of alternatives to working your current job right up to the point when you retire . Many of those who serve churches do not want to retire, but they are open to volunteering more and being paid less. While trusting God's provision and His sovereignty, we are also encouraged to count the cost before building the tower.
Great Resources from ECFA as 2019 Approaches
The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has excellent FREE eBooks on topics such as 10 Fundamentals of Clergy Tax, 10 Fundamentals of Clergy Social Security and 10 Fundamentals of Clergy Housing Exclusion. These eBooks are also in Spanish. You need to sign up to download the books but it is worth it. ECFA also has other books available for a modest price that give more detail to the topics church, church staff and church leadership need to know about finances and taxes. EFCA is a member denomination of ECFA.
Legal Issues with Songs on a Church Website
XPastor was asked, " We livestream our worship services and also have some recorded worship songs on our website. Someone asked me if that is legal. Thoughts?" The reply points out the legal and community public relations problems that could result from illegal use of music whether it is done intentionally or not. In addition XPastor mentions CCLI, which is the best way to solve this issue, and other helpful articles on this issue from Christian Leaders .
Something to Think About
" Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership. -- Colin Powell