May 2019
Volume 19, Issue 5
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District Superintendent Transition - EFCA West
Back in our September 2018 Zipline we shared that changes were on the horizon for EFCA West. As our current District Superintendent Steve Highfill transitions out of his role, Nancy Moore and Associates is assisting EFCA with finding the next District Superintendent. An Opportunity Snapshot is available to you. If you or someone you know fits the qualifications, please contact Nancy Moore and Associates.
Church Planting Spotlight: Church Planting Boot Camp
This year's Church Planting Boot Camp will once again be held at  Talbot Seminary   May 13-17 . Taught by an experienced cadre of church planting leaders, this is an equipping opportunity for anyone interested in planting or pastors of established churches who want to see their church with "new eyes."  Click here to register.
Join Our Team of Church Planting Assessors
This past April, EFCA West took two couples through a formal church planter assessment in Salt Lake City, UT. Because we anticipate a growing number of potential church planting candidates, we are now partnering with other districts and the EFCA National Office in offering new, state-of-the-art assessment training.

If you are interested in joining our team of assessors, please contact Tim Jacobs. This is a chance for you to help us make a kingdom impact in our region.
EFCA ONE is built to equip those at the heart of the movement for their local context. It will feature:
  • sessions hosted by celebrated teachers;
  • a diverse worship experience led by gifted musicians;
  • freedom to pursue and renew deep fellowship;
  • quality, relevant and hands-on workshops; and
  • complimentary post-conference sessions.

Hosted by The Compass Church in Naperville, IL, June 18-20
EFCA ONE video
EFCA History, Theology and Polity at EFCA ONE
Are you interested in learning more about EFCA or seeking a ministry credential as you serve a Free Church? David M. Gustafson, PhD, will be offering a learning lab during our EFCA ONE conference. Attendance at the sessions will meet one of the requirements for licensing in EFCA. Dr. Gustafson is an Associate Professor of Evangelism and Missional Ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
Something to Talk About: It Won't Happen Here
We so often think that when it comes to sexual misconduct and sexual abuse of church members, it won't happen to us or it won't happen at our church. In this month's Something to Talk About, Bob Osborne addresses ways our churches and church leaders can build safeguards against it. "We need to be on guard for the flock we shepherd realizing that some wolves arise from within our own selves." It Won't Happen Here gets the conversation started on how to be ready before a situation arises.
Training Leaders When the Talent Pool is Shallow
Among the many challenges faced by pastors of churches is the need to develop new leaders. We are called to equip God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:12). In an article from Turnaround Pastors, we'll learn how to recruit, train, direct, coach, support, and delegate. You will also find a micromanaging warning for pastors.
The Dangers of Social Media on Relationships
Did you know that 20 percent of divorces involve Facebook? In an article featured by Gospel Shaped Family, Jere Vincent spells out three potential dangers that couples face along with some guidelines for maintaining a healthy balance between social media and relationships.

"Social media is a part of our modern society, but there are also dangers in social media if couples let it get out of control."
Why the Church Needs to Be in the Immigration Game
"You must think I'm a complete mess!" Many heartbreaking stories come through our Immigrant Hope offices. In this month's EFCA blog, Why the Church Needs to Be in the Immigration Game, Ben Johnson, Director of Immigrant Hope, shares how the church can join in ministry to immigrants. He reminds us of God's expectations to love the stranger, welcome them, care for them, stand for justice and fair application of laws, make disciples, bear their burdens, and live and worship as one body.
Life-on-Life Disciplemaking
This month, as part of his monthly e-newsletter Partners with the President, EFCA President Kevin Kompelien discusses the idea of Life-on-Life Disciplemaking with Pastor West Brazelton of Grace Bible Church in Houston, TX. In this four-minute video, Kevin and West discuss how disciplemaking has changed and what it looks like within the local church. To receive the monthly e-newsletter, please subscribe to Partners with the President .
Something to Think About