February 2019
Volume 19, Issue 2
The Quickest Way to Stay Informed

Transitions Gathering in El Segundo, CA
The gathering for senior pastors who are 55 years old or older designed to begin/continue the discussion of how and when to transition from the lead role into a new season of life and ministry will be in El Segundo this month.

Monday , February 18, 9 am-4 pm in El Segundo, CA, 10 minutes from LAX. The gathering will be limited to 8 pastors. EFCA West will provide lunch. Register now or email Paul.Schliep@efca.org if you have questions.
Something to Talk About: I Have a Dream. What's Yours?
In this month's Something to Talk About , Bob Osborne writes, "...race is something to talk about. It’s usually something we don’t want to talk about, but it’s something we church leaders should talk about...Why should church leaders have this conversation? I want to suggest that it’s not so much to come to any specific conclusion or action, but to get the topic of “race and our church” out in the open – to make it something that can be talked about openly rather than relegated to the shadows."
Thrive Coming to Indian Wells in March 2019
On March 21-22, Thrive will once again be hosted by our EFCA church in Indian Wells, CA. Breakout sessions and main sessions focus on church planting, children's ministry, community outreach, pastoral health, engaging millennials and much more.
The Ol' DMV Experience
At a Christmas party last December, Steve Graves was drawn into a discussion of experiences with the DMV. Everyone had a story to tell. After going to his anticipated visit to the DMV, Graves thought through his experience and decided to write about it in his leadership blog. Steve writes, "... as a mentor used to say, 'You can learn something good from almost anything.' So, here’s what I learned at the DMV that day."
Seven Things to Do When God Makes Your Church Wait
Sometimes plans are made and money spent and still things do not proceed further, at least for a time. Chuck Lawless has suggestions for seven things a church can do when they are waiting on God's timing to bring things to completion, or to at least move forward. " I don’t know many churches who don’t want to see some kind of change. Perhaps they’re looking for a new staff member. Maybe they’re considering adding another service. They might be scouting a new location. Whatever the issue is, God has not yet granted an answer. Here are some things we need to do when God makes us wait."
Discussions Local Churches Will Likely Need to Have in 2019
It is no news to anyone paying attention that our culture is shifting more rapidly away from any vestige of a foundation which reflects Christian values. Chuck Lawless, like Bob Osborne, believes "...we seldom address issues unless we’re reminded to consider them." Chuck gives the American Church some help in identifying things that need to be talked about in order to minister to the culture as it is, not as we wish it would be. As Eugene Peterson often reminded pastors, "We have been given these people in this place at this time."
11 Advantages of Having 50 Churches of 100 Instead of 1 Church of 5,000
" What would happen if , instead of sending one church planter to start a church, hoping for it to reach (to pick an arbitrary number) 5,000 attendees, we sent out 50 church planters, and resourced them with the tools to grow to 100 on average? " Karl Vaters suggests that "...how many failed churches might still be alive and well today if we didn’t pressure them to reach numerical goals that most churches, even after decades of existence, fail to achieve? Big churches are great. But they’re very rare . And they’re not the only way to see the kingdom of God move forward."
Urban Meyer, Oswald Sanders, and the Pain Leadership Can Bring Your Family
Urban Meyer stepped down from his coaching position at Ohio State at the age of 54 as one of the greatest coaches in the game. Shelly, Urban's wife, is not hiding her approval of his departure. “ I would be ecstatic if he didn’t coach again. I’m done. I want him to be done . He’s too intense." In an ESPN article she  explained how she has already noticed a difference  in her husband. “He’s been fun again. He’s back to the Urban I knew when he wasn’t so stressed out and anxious and having headaches.” Eric Geiger muses on how leadership can often impact the leader's family as much, or more, than it impacts the leader.
How Do I Confront My Boss?
If you sit in the second chair (or 3rd or 4th or...), there have been times when you have discerned that the person in the first chair needed to be confronted about something signficant. Many times the necessary confrontation does not happen out of fear for your employment or some form of retribution. This does not make for healthy teams. In his blog How Do I Confront My Boss?, Dan Reiland asks some very good questions about the why and how of confronting the first chair.
Question mark man
Something to Think About
"Truth can be costly, but in the end it never falls short of value for the price paid." Brother Cadfael in The Confession of Brother Haluin by Ellis Peters