November 2019
Volume 19, Issue 11
The Quickest Way to Stay Informed 
EFCA West Announces the New District Superintendent
It is with great joy that we announce the selection of Pastor Tim Jacobs as the next district superintendent of EFCA West. Tim’s selection follows the unanimous recommendation of the EFCA West Search Team which executed a robust search process with the assistance of NL Moore & Associates. More than 280 personal contacts were made nationally, with more than 100 diverse individuals moving through preliminary interviews . From the preliminary interviews, a pool of 13 was interviewed and screened for “fit,” including participation in two objective personal assessments. Tim was one of four individuals who emerged through that pre-qualification process as official candidates for the superintendent role. The search team held multiple rounds of interviews, deliberated in prayer, and saw the hand of God faithfully guiding the process as they came to a final recommendation. If you'd like to send a congratulation to Tim, you can email him at Tim will begin his new role on December 1, 2019 . Steve Highfill will continue on the team through December 31, 2019.
Church Planting Spotlight
Tim Jacobs, Director of Church Planting for EFCA West (and soon to be the new District Superintendent), wrote an article for the EFCA Blog entitled A Pastor Plants a Vision, and Then a New Church. This is the story of EFC Diamond Bar, CA, and the vision for a new church in neighboring Eastvale, CA, which became VantagePoint Church. " Pastor Mark Hopper is a hero of mine because he did something he didn’t have to do , and he didn’t care about who got the credit . He had a vision he wouldn’t give up on and the willingness to make bold sacrifices. Chances are, more than a few churches are in a similar place to what EFree Diamond Bar was in when this church planting idea started."
EFCA Missions Pastors Network
If you are the key person who gives primary leadership to missions/outreach for your church , regardless of your title, then this network gathering is for you. This is a great peer-learning space where the group determines the content. It is our desire that you benefit from the interaction and fellowship so that God is glorified and your church is used to multiply transformational churches among all people . Click here to register and receive more information.
Save the Date: 2020 EFCA Theology Conference
The 2020 EFCA Theology Conference will be held on the campus of Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. The conference begins at 8:30 am on February 5 and concludes at noon on February 7, 2020 . The conference theme is Contending for the Faith-7 Critical Contemporary Doctrinal Challenges: A Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Response . This topic grows out of the latest five-year doctrinal survey of EFCA Senior Pastors and all those credentialed in the EFCA. Confirmed speakers include D.A. Carson, Harold Netland, Fred Sanders , and Steve Wellum. In addition to the main conference there will also be an extended training session on Abuse in the Church: A Gospel-Grounded and Godly-Guided Response . The preconference this year will be Women and Ministry Matters .
Save the Date: 2020 EFCA West Bi-Annual Gathering
It's time again to gather the EFCA West clan together for encouragement, increased connection and a time of learning from each other. The dates for the 2020 EFCA West gathering are Thursday and Friday, June 18-19. The location is North Coast Church in Vista, CA.
Something to Talk About: Are We Asking the Wrong Question?
"...we often find ourselves consuming data only from leaders of large, 'successful' church ministries to the exclusion of data from people that are engaged in fruitful ministry in much more humble circumstances. We can fall into the trap of assuming that 'big' and 'great' are the same thing – and they are not.

"... we can find ourselves listening to speakers and reading books and asking ourselves, 'What made it big?' instead of, 'Is it great, and what made it that way?' We end up asking the wrong question .

"There are far too many examples of big churches that were not or are not great churches. And we seldom, if ever, recognize and celebrate great churches that are not big churches. That’s a shame, and it’s something to talk about ."
Diamond Bar EFC Offers a Lyft for Christmas
Diamond Bar EFC is inviting people to church this Christmas season. And they’re offering a LYFT to get them there and back. The purpose is to spread Christmas cheer during the month of December, to bring families, the elderly, or others to the church who have a financial hardship, no license, or vehicle restrictions . Lyft Business has discount rates for churches to provide roundtrip transportation within a radius of 5 miles. For instance, 4 round trips each Sunday in December plus 3 round trips on Chrismas Eve is only about $600 . You also have the flexibility to add rides or reduce rides depending on demand . If you are interested in the details, contact Kristin Neal who can answer your initial questions and point you to the contact person at Lyft Business.
Deadline for Ceasing to Use 600 MHz Wireless Microphones
Almost all of the  spectrum in the 600 MHz band has been repurposed . Wireless microphones operating at the frequency must cease operation by July 31, 2020 . In addition, wireless microphones are prohibited from operating in the 700 MHz band, which is reserved for public service entities such as police, fire and emergency services, as well as for some commercial wireless broadband service providers. Here is the FCC's page on the issue. An article from Wired magazine in 2018 speaks to the issue and its affect on churches, schools and others who use wireless microphones.
New Overtime Rules Will Affect Church Staff
An estimated 1.3 million more workers will qualify for overtime pay beginning January 1, 2020, under final rules just announced by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The federal law will generally require employers, including churches and nonprofits, to pay overtime to employees who earn less than $35,568 per year (the current threshold is $23,660). Read the   full announcement here   from the DOL announcing these changes and more in the federal overtime law. ECFA has prepared an e-book Answering Your Overtime Questions and a helpful Overtime Flow Chart.
Something to Think About
“There are four statements that lead to wisdom. I want you to remember them and follow them. Are you ready?” Agent Lemieux had taken out his notebook and, pen poised, he’d listened. “You need to learn to say: I don’t know. I’m sorry. I need help and I was wrong.” – Inspector Armand Gamache in The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny