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January 2023

It's cold and rainy here on the coast. For some of you, it's cold and snowy! Would you rather..
Curl up on the couch and watch TV?
Curl up on the couch and read a good book?
Work on a puzzle or play a board game?
Play video games?

The results of last month's poll on "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" was 95.3% Yes, I love snow! and 4.7% "No!". Thank you for participating!

Account Support

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Setting up your observer account
Navigating the student and observer accounts
Adding LC email for Canvas notifications
How to email your student in Canvas
How to sign out of accounts

Upcoming Events!

Create a culture of kindness!

  • During the week of January 23rd-27th, accomplish as many kind acts as possible
  • If desired and approved by legal guardian, post to Facebook and Instagram tagging @EvergreenVirtual
  • For personalized countdown and list of kind acts, download the app or access the list of kind acts HERE

February In-Person ORventure

  • Come play board games and meet other students in your area!
  • Click the link below to visit the Activities Corner and sign up
  • Space is limited so we are asking that only students, siblings, and 1 guardian attend
  • If you have already attended an in-person event this year (Ice Cream Social, Open House, or Pumpkin Patch), please wait until January 23rd to register
  • Those who have not attended an in-person event yet this year and would like to, REGISTER NOW!
Click here to visit the Activities Corner


Happy New Year! 

We are excited to share with you an important update about the Evergreen Virtual Academy’s Elementary School. EVA now offers a variety of elective classes for all interests, skills, & talents that engage students while they learn. At EVA, you can learn a new language, explore scratch coding, strengthen your keyboarding skills, learn how to write a song, or enjoy both painting and video creation. Please review the details and options for your student(s) by clicking the link below. 

Click here to read more!

Dear Evergreen Virtual Middle School Community,

We have had a productive and fun 2nd Quarter in Middle School. Thank you to all our awesome students, learning coaches and teachers! As we move towards the end of Semester 1, please stay connected to your student’s teachers and advisors and make sure healthy academic habits are incorporated into daily family life this new year. This can include keeping a...

Click here to read about support, academic dates, Power Week, and semester 2 electives!

Hello High School Families!


There is just one week left until the end of the semester. All large assignments are due by this Friday, Jan 20th, and all assignments should be completed and turned in by Wednesday, Jan 25th. Please have students reach out to teachers for information on these deadlines. Students will be receiving zeros in the gradebook for all incomplete assignments for the remainder of the semester. Please note that students' grades may drop and they should...

Click here to read more about Future Week and Dual Credit Opportunities!

IEP Goal Progress Reports 

At EVA we provide parents with an update on IEP goal progress 3x per year: 2 of these are at the end of each semester and the last one is at the students annual IEP. As we approach the end of the first semester, we wanted to prepare families for what to expect. 

  • On February 3rd, each Legal Guardian/Adult Student will receive a digital copy of their IEP Progress Report 
  • The IEP Progress Report...
Click here to read more

Board Appreciation Month

January is Board Appreciation Month. The volunteers serving on our board are integral to our school success, we would not be able to exist without them. We would love if you would join us in posting a few kind words to this Padlet that will be shared at the next board meeting - [Link removed from public version of this newsletter. It was included in the newsletter sent directly to EVA families via email and inbox]

Orders for January are currently being accepted. Scholastic is delivering books directly to homes, so be sure to choose the ship to home option when you’re ready to order.


Consider supporting your school by submitting Box Tops! 

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Learning Coach Corner

NEW! Learning Coach Academy Q&A sessions every Thursday in Zoom. Pop in and ask questions or listen as others ask. Stay for a few minutes or the whole time 🙂.

Elementary Learning Coaches: 3:00-3:45

Middle/High School Learning Coaches: 4:00-4:45

[Links removed from public version of this newsletter. It was included in the newsletter sent directly to EVA families via email and inbox]

Welcome back to a new year! Where fresh starts are made 😊 Let’s start this year off with good sleep! 

Research has shown that children need an adequate amount of sleep each night in order to optimally learn. This means being able to pay attention to the speaker, process information that they read, or heard, and remember what they learned.  

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a theory developed in 1943, people need food, water, clothing, sleep and shelter in order to survive...

Click here for more information, including sleep recomendations!

Connect with others for friendship, support, and socialization!

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