member spotlight
Since its inception, Northern Trust has been proud to be a FAB Corporate Partner. We have witnessed first hand the steady growth of FAB - in membership, visibility, and its influence in the Broward Arts Community.

We also recognize a growing organization requires an ongoing investment in its infrastructure. As a Corporate Partner, a portion of our annual dues is allocated to FAB’s operating budget. And, we understand individual FAB members support the organization’s operation through contributions to the Visionary Fund. Our mutual investment in FAB is an important element in FAB’s ongoing success.

We are pleased to be a part of the “FAB Family” - supporting the arts in our community and the FAB organization itself. We extend our best wishes for your continued success and applaud your vision to be Broward’s foremost arts ambassador.

Tom Oliveri
Managing Executive
grantee spotlight
Florida Youth Orchestra
FYO's mission is to educate, inspire and build the self-esteem of musically gifted and at-risk students to become productive, caring and responsible adults and to uplift South Florida's diverse community with quality music performances. Since 1988 the Florida Youth Orchestra has been providing the highest quality classical music education for young talented musicians ages 6-19. Over 400 members strong, the Orchestra continues to be recognized as Florida's premier youth orchestra. The musicians represent nationalities that span the globe, with a rich diversity of ethnic background, religion and socioeconomic circumstance. We at FAB applaud FYO and their dedication to enriching the community and creating safe outlets for creative discovery.
Dear FAB friends,

We wanted to keep you updated with our activities by sharing Florida Youth Orchestra's first rehearsal of the 33rd season at the Signature Grand. Every possible and remotely available safety protocol was observed 100%. There were 250 musicians, each overjoyed to be there. The kids were so happy to have a creative outlet!

Please enjoy this feature and stay up to date for more virtual performances we will be producing for our supporters in lieu of face to face concerts.

Frank Galloway- FYO

Click on the logo to visit FYO on the web
fab! presents
Join us for
FAB! Presents: A Virtual Program
A Guided Tour of the Firebird Bronze Foundry and
The Caswell Sculpture: Trunks of Hope and Stories of Inspiration
Hosted by Rip and Alison Caswell
November 10, 2020

We invite you on a journey to explore the art and life of Rip and Alison Caswell
Every bronze statue the Caswells undertake is an in-depth study into the lives, personalities and unique spirits of the subjects they model. With precision, passion and perseverance, they work tirelessly to bring their art to life. As you look through the immense and diverse artwork collections and bronze sculptures, you will get a sense of the heart and soul of these two artists. Joined together, they each bring a unique perspective; the masculine and feminine are both celebrated in their works, making the art powerful and beautiful all at once. The Caswells are passionate naturalists, conservationists and world explorers. They are unique in their ability to work in harmony with one another, with their clients and the world around them. Sculptors for National Geographic, it is their mission to take people on a journey of discovery, that their artwork may be a window to experience the beauty, majesty and mystery of the wildlife that surrounds us. They hope that through their art people may experience up close the personality, emotions and spirit of the animals they cast in bronze. 

Through the Trunks of Hope sculpture, Rip and Alison wish to take you
through the artistic process, from first concept to finished bronze.
Also enjoy a guided tour of their full service foundry, where their sculptures come to life.

corporate spotlight
Atlass Insurance- A Risk Strategies Company
Atlass Insurance Group offers comprehensive insurance solutions for commercial and private clients. They provide a high-level of personal service, custom programs & competitive insurance rates. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the Atlass Insurance company and subsidiaries, take great pride in having experienced personnel, with the knowledge and ability to solve the entire spectrum of insurance needs in the most comprehensive and affordable manner. World-wide insurance products & services for customers – at home & abroad. Contact Atlass Insurance for all your insurance needs.

Click on the logo to visit Atlass Insurance on the web
grant spotlight
Funding Arts Broward is excited to announce the opening of our 2022 Grant Season and the addition of the FAB Education Grant!
We continue to support, sustain and enrich the arts in our community. Recognizing that education of visual and performing arts can be inspirational for future generations, FAB has added an Education Grant for 2022. This is a totally new type of grant, dedicated to Art appreciation and Skill Acquisition for grades K thru 12. 

Eligible organizations may apply for both a Visual and Performing Arts Grant and an Education Grant, following instructions on the applications.

visionary spotlight
Of course you are! Your FAB Membership is an example of your commitment to promote and support the arts in our community. With your help, FAB has become an important and integral member of the Broward Arts scene. Now more than ever, FAB’s support and leadership is needed and appreciated by so many local arts organizations. The recent mailing you received outlines the role VISIONARY FUND contributions play in fulfilling our FAB Mission. Over the last few years we have been fortunate to have many FAB members contribute to the Fund. Click on the attached video to learn why long-time FAB member, Nancy Bryant, supports the VISIONARY FUND. Click here to watch the video
Thank you to our corporate partners for their continued support.
board members
Ed Hashek, President
Louise Dill, Vice President
Linda Carter, Secretary
Cindy Eden, Treasurer
Jennifer O'Flannery-Anderson
Ruth Anderson-Coggeshall, Board Member
Gail Auguston-Koppen, Board Member
Angel Burgos, Board Member
Jane Caragher, Board Member
Mike Hartstein, Board Member
Christy Lambertus, Board Member
Elissa Mogilefsky, Board Member
Karla Nickell, Board Member
Harvey Shapiro, Board Member

Francie Bishop Good, Founding Chair
Elaine Blattner, Past President
Connie Folz, Past President
Erica Hartman-Horvitz, Past President
Carolyn Lee, Past President
Jayne Mills, Past President
Drazia Simon, Past President