May 22, 2020
Foothills Newsletter
113th Stated Meeting of Foothills Presbytery, by Zoom on May 16,
went extremely well!
If you missed the beautiful worship service, click here to watch.

GA Update

The Committee on the
Office of General Assembly (COGA)
unanimously voted on Tuesday to host the
224th General Assembly of the PC(USA) online

RESOURCES During Covid
(continually updated)
Click here for links to:

A recommendation from our Synod Executive, Joyce   Lieberman:
"As your sessions are meeting virtually, they may find this helpful in putting together their rules to do so."

Support for Church Leaders:

 Town-hall   Check-in for Pastors
We had our first zoom check-in May 5th. It was a helpful way to hear the celebrations, opportunities and challenges brought forth during COVID 19 restrictions. We will hold our next Town-hall check-in on June 2, at 2:00 PM. We will center our time in prayer, check-in with each other, share ideas, and connect resources. If you are interested, email LeAnne White   to sign up, and we will make sure to send you the zoom link.

Coach Support for Pastors
Foothills Presbytery has   trained coaches who can help you sort through being overwhelmed, help you get unstuck, and help you develop a sustainable way forward. Many of our coaches are donating pro-bono services during this season of acute need. Need a single session? A weekly check-in? Email our Presbytery Leader,  Debbie Foster , and you will be matched with a coach who’s here to help. 

Coaching  is partnering with pastor/leader in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
Updated Response and Recovery efforts after 
Tornadoes in upstate SC
Relief and recovery continue for the Seneca Community affected by the April 13 tornadoes. Members of the Seneca Church and the Townville Church have joined together to work on homes throughout the area. Over the past month, 41 volunteers have worked on 19 homes to remove debris and assist in cleanup. We give thanks for the good and faithful work of volunteers who continue to support the Seneca Community through hands on work, donations, and prayers.  

Camp Fellowship:
Summer 2020!

There's now a link to RESERVE
kits for your church families!

to reserve your boxes today!
Virtual 2020   STEPS

The August 29 event theme is
For a Time Such as This
(Esther 4:14)-
There will be two workshop sessions with three options each. STEPS will conclude with worship. There will be no registration fee, but participants must pre-register to receive the links to join the workshops. Worship will include a video of how you are being the church in these unprecedented times - please send pictures of your drive up stewardship campaigns, graduation celebrations, and food pantries, etc and/or screen shots of your zoom worship and education opportunities to by August 10.
Foothills Campus Ministers invite Graduates to BRIDGE TO CAMPUS!

June 7 at 6:30 pm
This is a perfect chance for graduating seniors
(as well as new graduate students and transfer students)
to interact with students and campus ministers from colleges and universities around the Southeast
( including all Foothills Presbytery Campus Ministries ),
and to meet other new students in a safe, fun,
and encouraging online space!

Remote Faith Formation for the Long Haul

The PC(USA) Office of Faith Formation has compiled this list of resources that could be helpful for you during the current COVID-19 situation and that may be helpful in developing sustainable remote faith formation for your community. In this list you will find resources to deal with the current crisis, studies for Christian education, blogs and ideas.  This is your toolbox . The list will be updated periodically over the coming weeks.
Also provided is a Faith Practices Toolkit Sampler for intentional intergenerational Sabbath rhythms. A toolkit for faith practices will be released in summer 2020. The completed toolkit will provide scriptural and theological grounding for each practice, as well as ways to engage all ages.  HERE  is a sampling from that toolkit to provide ideas of engaging in practices during these times.

Check out  these resources  for all ages groups provided by the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators.
Youth Leaders Roundtable
Tuesday, June 2
We will meet by Zoom  at noon.  

Zoom meeting ID will be sent to youth leaders. Please contact LeAnne White at the Foothills Presbytery office with any questions.

A Digital Alternative to Confirmation: 

Brian Wallace from the Presbytery of Pittsburgh is providing a  digital alternative to the confirmation retreat  that they had to cancel: Originally, Crestfield Camp and Conference Center was going to host their annual Confirmation Retreat at the end of March. Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, that retreat was cancelled. In lieu of gathering together for a retreat, I am shifting the content from the retreat into digital resources that can be used by leaders and groups in whatever way they feel fit. I will be releasing each Session as I finish it . Read More
Interested in having a Zoom Video Conference Meeting, but you don't have an account? We can help!
Foothills Presbytery has secured a second ZOOM account. This enables us to  offer access to Zoom technology  (to those churches who have a need) for session & committee meetings, and in some cases Bible studies & fellowship events. ( Zoom Etiquette Tips )
If you have a request, please have your Pastor or Clerk of Session contact  LeAnne White (via email)  and include the following information:

  • Name of person making request
  • Church
  • Phone
  • Date for Zoom Meeting 
  • Time (begin and end) no more than 2 hours
  • Approx number of those attending
Thornwell Home for Children
has put together a page of  resources : parenting tips, videos from our Building Families team, and a wide variety of activities children can enjoy.  
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance  Building Resilience  webinar for Faith Leaders:
This one- hour program is designed to increase participants’ understanding of their own signs of stress and to teach in-the-moment tools to engage the relaxation response in body and mind.

This webinar is designed for faith leaders in this season of COVID-19 and will engage participants in responding to questions and prompts to help create a personalized self- care and resilience-building plan, with attention to the particular issues facing faith leaders and awareness of the importance of the spiritual life which guides us all. Those attending will build on their experience while practicing new tools that have been shown to be effective in sustaining our capacity to serve in the midst of challenging circumstances. This webinar has been pre-recorded and is available to view at your convenience. Live webinars can also be requested.

Visit   for more information.
Children’s Educators Gathering
Jun 11, 2020 11:00 AM
We will meet by Zoom.   

Zoom meeting ID will be sent to Christian Educators from Ginna. Please contact LeAnne White at the Foothills Presbytery office with any questions.
Presbyterian Women:
Introducing the 2020–2021 PW/ Horizons  Bible Study
Into the Light:
Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament
P. Lynn Miller, author and artist Suggestions
for Leaders by Dee Koza 

This virtual conference offers a full week of worship and music for musicians, clergy, laypersons, choirs, youth, children, and families.

Guided by the principles of Reformed worship, conferees explore opportunities for vital worship experiences and enriching the liturgical life of the local church.

Live Dates: JUNE 21–26, 2020
Or Watch the Recordings Any Time Afterward!

Stewardship Kaleidoscope
2020 Registration is Open
Over 40 workshops, networking, and learning with stewardship experts.
Even as we navigate new waters for worship, for connection, and for service we look ahead to the time when will be able to be together as a community.
Registration for Stewardship Kaleidoscope is open and we hope you will be able to join us in Cincinnati September 21-23.
This annual conference offers education, worship experiences and amazing opportunities for growth in stewardship and generosity.  This year we are offering group pricing that will allow more people from your congregation to attend together , to learn, and to take home tools for expanding generosity.
There will be over 40 speakers and workshops addressing change and opportunities in stewardship today.

SC5 Presbyteries Minister/Educator Retreat
October 26-28, 2020

"'A Word in Its Season': Effective Speech in the Bible and Our Fractured Political Moment"

Speaker: Sam Adams

Covenant Connections BLOG
by Julie Schaaf
Isaiah 43:1
Mark 4:35-41

Many of you have heard me speak of my Lenten practice of drawing the name of a person out of a bag each morning and praying very intentionally for them all day long. I usually text the person first thing and ask if they have any special requests. One day this week, I drew the name of a fellow pastor and her reply really gave me a lump in my throat. I won’t mention her name because the prayer requests are confidential, but this is what she asked: “Please pray for my ability to share with parents of our youth the questions their young people asked last night about the state of our world and their fears and desires to stop violence and prejudice.” Read More

By Terri Price

Eight weeks. Two months. A ridiculous length of time, in church life. An inane amount of time to “be church” and be apart.

I was nearing the end of my seminary time when I enrolled in a class titled “Vision of Ministry” led by then dean of the school and theology professor Tom Currie. He assembled an array of Presbyterian pastors who shared stories of their time in ministry. One gentleman told of his ouster from a rural South Carolina congregation when, during the 1960s, he spoke out in favor of equal rights. Another told of the political contrasts among his college-town congregation of professors, natives, and students. The one woman in the bunch told how, whenever she moved to a new church, she dedicated time to visiting every household in the church. I thought that was a great idea. Read More

Presbyterian Outlook- COVID-19 news & resources
We invite you to use our weekly lectionary reflections,  " Looking into the lectionary " for worship, Bible study or devotions. Please check  our website  or follow us on social media for the most up-to-date materials. You can find all of the  Outlook's  COVID-19 stories  with this link  and you can find all of our new  worship resources here .

How can we support you? Are there other resources that would be helpful?  Let us know.  And if these free materials are helpful to you, please consider  making a donation  to help us keep providing theologically sound content for the church.

  • Worship Resources
  • Lenten Devotional Video
  • News & Ministry Aids

Put Your Two Cents In
We want to invite you to "Put Your Two Cents In"   and to put it where it can make a difference in the effort to relieve hunger and poverty. What began in 1976 as 'two cents a meal', is now known as 'Cents Ability', asking people to contribute a few coins at each meal as an expression of thanksgiving for what we have received. Read More: 2 Cents a Meal
How can the church respond with compassion and understanding to those suffering from the “radical aloneness” that can result from social distancing? 

Find out by joining us on Wednesday, May 27 for a timely webinar entitled Social Distancing, Not Social Isolation: A Family Systems Perspective

Social Distancing, Not Social Isolation is a 90-minute webinar that will show church leaders how they can help people overcome the potential loneliness of social distancing, and also reflect on how this time of “sheltering in place” can be used to facilitate life-giving connections with others.  This webinar integrates Bowen family systems theory with the research of John Cacioppo, social neuroscientist.
This webinar will be presented via Zoom on May 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The fee is $30. To register or to learn more, including our cancellation policy, please visit .

A link to this webinar will be sent to you upon registration,
and you can attend on your computer, iPad, or Smartphone device.
Mark your Calendars for these Upcoming Events
25 The Foothills Presbytery office will be closed in honor of Memorial Day
26 FP Staff meeting
28 CPM (Zoom)

2 Youth Leaders Roundtable (Zoom)
4 Committee on Ministry (Zoom)
11 Christian Educators (Zoom)

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