March 26
Foothills Newsletter
A Letter from Debbie:
Staying Connected during COVID-19  

My rule of thumb in life & ministry is to be flexible and have an “improvisational” or “Yes, and" approach . Always look for the opportunity in the challenge.  The challenge of living with COVID -19 has forced us into a long-list of “Yes, ands.” 

Yes , in Foothills Presbytery, 54 (out of 58) congregations had sanctuaries with empty pews last week,  and , “Wow,” did they find ways to worship!   Yes,  we are practicing “shelter in place”  and  discovering that we can still “be the church in the world.” 

This is a tricky time for us as we balance well-being and economic need. The church has a unique opportunity to hold the space between. It is really incredible to see how the world is coming together, and the ways people are supporting and loving each other. I give thanks for the zillions of ways God continues to provide in the midst of this (a traveling youth choir from Uganda is sheltering-in-place at Camp Fellowship).

We are in extraordinary times and circumstances. Those circumstances are creating significant hurdles. Every day can feel unpredictable and often chaotic. Things are evolving quickly, and I know you, like I, are getting lots of updates, perhaps more than you want, and likely more than you can consume. 

Yesterday I heard a still small voice say, “Perhaps it is time to take a deep breath , hold it, and slowly exhale while you count backward for ten seconds (and, no, you are not allowed to cough). 

Your presbytery staff will continue to check-in with Pastors, Elders, CREs, Educators, Youth Directors, and Church leaders. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me , Gordon , LeAnne, or Warren . We are here to support you and connect you with the resources you need.

We are also sharing your stories , so please continue to send them our way. 

In the meantime, I give thanks for this family of churches in upstate SC, and I continue to pray for wisdom, common sense, and ways to reflect love, in Christ. 
Rev. Deborah G. Foster
Presbytery Leader & Stated Clerk
  • The Presbytery office has canceled all in-person meetings through the end of April. 
  • Our staff is still working and can be reached via e-mail or phone.
  • We do have options for meeting via Zoom Conference. Each Committee Chair and Vice-Chair will determine if that is a viable option for their committee.
  • If you need to arrange a zoom meeting, please contact LeAnne White
RESOURCES Concerning Covid-ID Coronavirus
Click here for important links to:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Information from the PCUSA
  • Worship Links & How-To's
  • Giving Online
  • Serving Those in Need
SC5 Convocation - Canceled
The South Carolina Presbyterian Convocation scheduled for May 15-16 at Presbyterian College and Thornwell Home for Children has been cancelled.

Coordinating Council meets April 7 and will make decisions about plans for the
Foothills Spring Stated Meeting.
Youth Leaders Roundtable
Tuesday, April 7
We will meet by Zoom on April 7 at noon since all in-person meetings have been canceled through the end of April.  

Zoom meeting ID will be sent to youth leaders. Please contact LeAnne White at the Foothills Presbytery office with any questions.
Music Ministry Leaders
We will meet by Zoom on Monday, March 30 at 10 am since all in-person meetings have been canceled through the end of April.  

Zoom meeting ID has been sent to music ministry leaders. Please contact LeAnne White at the Foothills Presbytery office with any questions.
Congratulations to First Spartanburg!
Congratulations to First Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg! They have been certified as an Earth Care Congregation by Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Presbyterian Hunger program through February 2021. This honor speaks to the great commitment that First Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg, has made to care for God’s earth.

To become an Earth Care Congregation, this congregation affirmed an Earth Care Pledge to integrate environmental practices and thinking into their worship, education, facilities, and outreach.

The Earth Care Congregation certification is designed to recognize churches that make the commitment to take seriously God’s charge to “till and keep” the garden.

Started in 2010 by the PC(USA), the goal of this program is to inspire churches to care for God’s earth in a holistic way, through integrating earth care into all aspects of their church life. The Earth Care Congregation certification honors churches that make that commitment and encourages others to follow their example.

It is exciting that First Presbyterian Church is one of the 264 churches that chose to dedicate themselves to intentional care of God’s earth this year. In a time of much uncertainty and worry about the future, this congregation’s activities and commitment brings hope to the community.

Other Earth Care Congregations in Foothills Presbytery: North Anderson Community Church Presbyterian (NACCP)
Empowering Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) Conference
Free Church Banners - Donations to a good home
One of out churches has Worship Banners they are willing to donate!
The measurements from banner to banner run similar – not exact – but are approx. 35” Wide and 88” Long. Some have a loop end with velcro for hanging. Others can be hung from a bar-type staff.

All banners are in great shape. and designs vary: Christmas, Pentecost, Palm Sunday, Stain Glass, and many others.
Some are made from felt; others from a very nice, sturdy fabric.

Please email LeAnne White if you are interested.
One Great Hour of Sharing
February 26 - April 12
One Great Hour of Sharing- Have you received your promotional materials for this special offering? This offering goes to support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People. If you need materials go to 
Message from the PW Moderator
Greetings and Peace!
We are living in a unique and unprecedented time. Certainly, none of us has walked this road nor even seen it before.
This situation with the coronavirus is changing so rapidly, our ears are glued to news updates throughout the day. to operate only on a delivery and take-out basis. Read More
Spartanburg Interfaith Alliance
Join us to network with fellow clergy, lay leaders, and faith communities, and learn how we can work collectively to improve the lives of Spartanburg County residents!

Worship & Music Conference
A Great Cloud of Witnesses
June 28–July 4, 2020
This conference offers a full week of worship and music for professionals, musicians, clergy, laypersons, choirs, youth groups, and families.
The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) works in cooperation with the Montreat Conference Center to offer two identical Worship and Music conferences each summer. Guided by the principles of Reformed worship, conferees explore opportunities for vital worship experiences and enriching the liturgical life of the local church.
PC Board of Trustees!
Congratulations to the Rev. Stan Reid and Ms. Ruth Roper who were recently re-elected to the Presbyterian College Board of Trustees, representing Foothills Presbytery!
Put Your Two Cents In
We want to invite you to "Put Your Two Cents In"   and to put it where it can make a difference in the effort to relieve hunger and poverty. What began in 1976 as 'two cents a meal', is now known as 'Cents Ability', asking people to contribute a few coins at each meal as an expression of thanksgiving for what we have received. Read More: 2 Cents a Meal
SC5 Presbyteries
Minister/Educator Retreat
October 26-28, 2020

"'A Word in Its Season': Effective Speech in the Bible and Our Fractured Political Moment"

Speaker: Sam Adams

Foothills Presbytery RECOURCE CENTER
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We are happy to support you through online resource requests. Please email us or call us if you need assistance. If you would like to check out a resource, we will be happy to leave it for you outside our office door or we can mail it to you.  
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