OCTOBER 2019 news & updates
What has Freedom Readers been up to?
The Weathers Group Comes to Freedom Readers!
Freedom Readers was honored to meet with Charles C. Weathers, Sr. of The Weathers Group. His visit focused on strengthening and developing our board and staff. We are determined to take our organization to the next level and to continue making a difference in our communities! One book, one child at a time!

AP Georgetown Site Vist
Meet our Team AP Prep at Arnett AME in Georgetown. Our AP scholars shared their impressive school year goals and most recent achievements. These scholars aren’t messing around! They are focused, determined and are continuously discovering their inner leadership qualities. Big things are yet to come for this group! Go Team AP Prep! 👏🏽🧠🌟📚

Want to know more about our Freedom Readers AP program ⁉️

Our scholars who participate in the Advance Prep program are in the 6th-8th grades. Weekly meetings include group sessions of mathematics, social studies, english and science. Additionally, the scholars may work on school projects, homework, ask each other questions and problem solve together! Goal: straight As and Bs ‼️ The scholars have a voice and it’s a privilege to watch them grow here at Freedom Readers.

For more information about our Georgetown AP program, please email info@freedomreaders.org
Site Highlight
October’s Site Highlight goes to Team Myrtle Beach Primary! Team Leader, Mary Pryor captured these photos and wrote, "MB Primary Freedom Readers had a ball discovering how to put together limerick poetry. We also celebrated Jayla and Jamiyah's birthday. Our scholars are having fun writing poetry. One of our star scholars, Eric loved it so much, he wrote a limerick about himself as well as his tutor Ms. Pat. We had another scholar, Magaby share her limerick in Spanish and English. I love the fact that we teach each other.”
Congrats. Annie Robinson - Gold Star Award WINNER
Annie Robinson serves as a tutor at Team Laurel Woods. Her compassion and love for the scholars shines bright! Check out her original quatrain poem she wrote in honor of this session’s theme of poetry!
Peyton and Samuel are twins
They both have amazing grins
I am glad they came to Freedom Readers
I think one day they will both be leaders

They are good at writing their letters
And their reading is getting better
They are both very bright
Hope they love to read at night

I hope they love our reading time
Together learning how to rhyme
Books, poems, adventures too
The look of words looks good on you!
Meet Ni’kyah - She shared that Freedom Readers has taught her how important it is to read everyday. This young Pipers Pointe scholar said she cannot go to sleep unless she reads!
Meet Gaines, scholar at Laurel Woods. Gaines has undoubtedly grown his love for reading! This photo captures Gaines completing his at home reading evidence. He can’t get enough of this book. Keep up the great work, Gaines!
Meet Hajar, scholar at Bay Pointe site. Hajar is sharing her love of reading from home in this picture and she continues to shine as a Freedom Reader on and off our site. She wants to become a doctor someday and there is no doubt in our minds that she will excel wherever her path leads her.