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Summer 2019 | No. 1
Welcome to Our Newsletter
The HIS Sign team decided to start this quarterly review not only to let you know what is going on at the agency, but also to provide you with some tips that will make working with the us even easier than it is today!

We hope you enjoy this newsletter. If you have any feedback that would make it even better, article topics that you’d like to see, or just want to share thoughts that came to mind as you read through it, please visit our Feedback page.

Until the next time ... thank you for letting HIS Sign help you support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community!

When HIS Sign Scheduling Manager, Michelle Wenck was in the third grade, the babysitter thought it would be funny to teach her a few colorful metaphors.

It's Summertime and Grads Can Now Live Easy
Every year, the HIS Sign team works diligently to support our educational organizations in what is the busiest time of year - commencement season! Months in advance, our scheduling department works closely with the respective schools to coordinate interpreting teams to provide services to the various students, faculty and families celebrating this very special occasion. Our team takes the lead to ensure interpreters are prepared with songs, speeches, parking and everything in between. HIS Sign was proud to provide sign language interpreting services for the almost 30 graduation ceremonies held by eight of our secondary and post-secondary educational customers! We would like to especially thank the more than 50 interpreters who provided services making the 2019 graduation season a success for HIS Sign and our customers!

Congratulations to all of the graduates and thank you for choosing HIS Sign as your sign language interpreting provider! Have a wonderful summer!
Q: Why Should My Business or Organization Provide Interpreting Services?

A: Sign language interpreting is an effective means of providing equal communication access to your business or organization. Providing a sign language interpreter allows clear, concise and accurate communication to occur between Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals and Hearing individuals and takes into account cultural nuances of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Having a skilled and qualified interpreter reduces confusion, liability, and frustration for all parties involved. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets the standard for providing auxiliary aids and services such as sign language interpreters in support of public accommodation. For more information, please visit this resource from the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) website .
If you have a question to submit, contact us via email Info@hissign.com
Try to maintain good eye contact with the Deaf consumer as Deaf culture relies heavily on facial expressions and body language to support full communication.  

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Little ones may have been the target audience but adults love Pharell's Grammy Award-winning tune too!