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WHEN: May 6, 10:30 AM NST (10:00AM AST)
WHERE: Online
Labrador at the Front Lines of Climate Change
Temperature increases, sea ice changes, melting permafrost - these are just some of the environmental changes already happening in Labrador as a result of climate change. For a region with a population so connected to the land, these changes will have tremendous impacts on the health, wellbeing and livelihood of the people who live there.

Join the Harris Centre as we hear from panelists and Labradorians, Derrick Pottle, Abigail Poole and Stanley Oliver, alongside moderator Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo.
Climate Change and Our Society
How is climate change affecting society in NL? What changes are we already seeing in our way of life as a result of climate change? What will the changes needed for climate change mitigation and adaptation mean for how we live, work, and play in NL?

Join us as we talk about these issues with Prof. Mark Stoddart, Megan Samms, Josh Smee and Dr. Barb Neis.
WHEN: May 18th, 12:00pm
WHERE: Online
FORECAST NL - Online Forum
How can NL create economic and social prosperity while mitigating and adapting to climate change?

Help us unpack the biggest question of our time. Learn from experts, listen to your neighbours, and share your thoughts and ideas.

Register for the Harris Centre's new online engagement portal and let us know what topics you think should be covered.
Deadline: June 14, 2021
Now Accepting Applications
Harris Centre-West White Rose Employment Diversity Research Fund
Natural resource developments are drivers of economic activity and employment in NL.
However, segments of the population continue to be under-represented in these sectors and research is needed to better understand how to grow the pool of diverse candidates for employment.

Share your ideas and insights on what questions need answers and what projects could help.

Visit our website for information on objectives and eligibility.
Muskrat Falls vs. Icelandic Banking Sector
Iceland and Newfoundland and Labrador both faced a moment of financial reckoning in their recent histories, but the policy and governance approach in each case was vastly different.

Prof. Mark Stoddart, Dr. Ásthildur Elva Bernharðsdóttir, and Dr. Cole Atlin joined the Harris Centre's Dr. Rob Greenwood to talk about Prof. Stoddart and Dr. Atlin's recent report on this topic, and to discuss the ways these two places chose to respond to their crises--and why understanding those responses matters.
Rural Routes Podcast
Season 3, Episode 12:
Along The Baccalieu Trail
In this episode, Bojan talks to Dale Jarvis (Intangible Cultural Heritage Officer for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and research associate at the Folklore Department at Memorial University) and Natalie Dignam (a researcher and a broadcaster based in St. John's).

The podcast asks: how can the intangible cultural heritage along the Baccalieu Trail in NL create tourism opportunities for the region? Other topics include community radio, Newfoundland ponies, traditional skills, and why we need to start paying attention to local knowledge.
Missed the Session? Watch Online
Dollars & Cents of Climate Change: The Economic Impact
The third session of our new programming series, ForecastNL, aired live on April 22nd.

We were joined by Kieran Hanley (NEIA), Deatra Walsh (MNL), and Elizabeth Beale (Canadian Institute for Climate Choices), who discussed the impact of climate change on NL's economy and considered some solutions for mitigation and adaptation .
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