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How can we create economic and social prosperity while mitigating and adapting to climate change? That is the focus of the Harris Centre's new initiative aimed at fostering informed and respectful dialogue on issues relating to the province's climate, economy, and society.

As part of the 18-month project, we are inviting residents of Newfoundland and Labrador to participate in a Citizen Forum that will allow them to engage with presenters and panelists, ask questions, discuss topics with each other, and propose ideas.
Season 3: Episode 11
Rural & Island Response to COVID-19
Geography matters. And when it comes to pandemics such as this COVID-19 one that we find ourselves in the middle of, how we respond to pandemics is very much influenced by geography. That curiosity about geographically distinct responses to COVID-19 pandemic is very much behind two research projects we are going to talk about today. The first one was initiated by The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. It looked at rural responses to the pandemic in Canada. The second project was initiated at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and it looked at how small islands around the world responded to COVID19 pandemic. 
Season 3: Episode 10
Rural Trauma
This episode of Rural Routes features Dr. Kathleen Kevany from the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University in Truro, Nova Scotia. She is the director of the Rural Research Collaborative and a licensed psychotherapist who studies community development, community well-being and social change. We reached out to Dr. Kevany in the aftermath of a mass shooting in rural Nova Scotia to help us understand the impacts such traumatic events have on rural regions and communities and what we can do to help us get through such difficult events.
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Funding Opportunities
Now Open
COVID-19 Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement
Have you got ideas to help solve the challenges of the pandemic? The COVID-19 Quick Start Fund (CQS) for Public Engagement offers up to $2500 for projects, partnerships or initiatives that contribute to addressing immediate and long-term needs of COVID-19 and align with Memorial’s Public Engagement Framework. 
News from Memorial
New Connections
New alumni programming will foster relationships despite COVID-19
By Heidi Wicks
New learning and mentorship programming, book clubs, virtual events and more for MUN Alumni and friends.

The face of the world has changed, and with change comes adaptability and reimagined ways to connect. As such, alumni programming and events have shifted from in-person events, programs and celebrations to creating opportunities for alumni to embark on new, exciting and blended ways to build relationships with each other.
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Future Skills Centre
Community of Practice
The Future Skills Centre (FSC) has launched their new virtual Community of Practice, a virtual space meant to support collaborative learning and enable the exchange of knowledge. It is a free and open platform intended for practitioners in the skills-training ecosystem (including researchers, NGOS, and employment and training service providers) to mobilize ideas and develop a peer-to-peer support system.

To learn more and join the community, click here.
Memorial University will be holding focus groups as a way to access this new community from user's perspectives. Email mandys@mun.ca for more information.
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