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Galbraith Lecture
Governing the Economy:
Prospects for Government Action
The current fiscal crisis is not the first time NL has found itself in dire straights. In fact, the recent Greene Report is just one of many economic recovery reports commissioned by government in the past 75 years. So what is it about our governance, and our economic and political structures, that keeps us cycling back to near bankruptcy?

Join the Harris Centre and hear from national and international economists, former public servants, and policy & governance experts as we consider how government can impact our economy. How are key decisions about our economy decided? How do politics intervene? What’s the role of the public service? And what needs to be done to improve our ability to make decisions about our economy and how we govern it?

Featuring economists Dr. David Freshwater and Elizabeth Beale, with panelists Dr. Kelly Blidook, Kay Riggs, and David Vardy.

Moderated by CBC's David Cochrane.
Featuring: economists Dr. David Freshwater and Elizabeth Beale
& Panelists: Dr. Kelly Blidook, Kay Riggs, and David Vardy.

Moderator: CBC's David Cochrane
WHEN: June 9th
12:00PM - 1:30PM
WHERE: Online
WHEN: June 11th
12:00PM NDT
WHERE: Online
Synergy Session:
The Northern Coalition
Reinvesting Fishery Profits for Economic and Social Development
What if we could use the fishing industry to diversify our economy, improve the quality of life in our communities, and ensure long-term economic and social sustainability? That is not a hypothetical question for the Northern Coalition, a group of enterprises based in Canada’s Eastern Arctic and on the Labrador coast, whose members have a mandate to reinvest the profits from income generated by their fisheries into their communities and regions.

Join Keith Storey, Alastair O’Rielly, Keith Watts, and Jerry Ward for a panel discussion on the impacts the Northern Coalition members have on their region.
WHEN: June 22, 12:00PM
WHERE: Online
NL's Offshore Oil:
Opportunity or Dependence?
If global markets are moving away from fossil fuel consumption, where does that leave the NL oil and gas industry? Can we (and should we) continue to rely on it? Does the industry have a role to play in building a greener, more sustainable economic future in this province?

Join the Harris Centre as we hear from panelists Max Ruelokke (Consultant and Former Deputy Minister and CEO of Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board) and Angela Carter (Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo).
ISISA 2021: Sharing Lessons, Sharing Stories
As part of the International Small Islands Studies Association's (ISISA) annual conference,
the Harris Centre is hosting three free, public events on Wednesday, June 16th.
Click here to visit the conference webpage for more information.
Our Island, Now:
Island Stories from Newfoundland’s Quilted Collective
The Quilted Collective is a group of racialized writers from different corners of the world that have decided to make Newfoundland & Labrador their home. In their recently published anthology, Us, Now, from Breakwater Books, the collective’s authors explore themes like queer love, identity, safety, family, and belonging (just to name a few).

This panel will examine their work and the way living on an island influences their lives and experiences. Featuring collective members Tsu-Hao Tzu, Xaiver Campbell, Zay Nova, and Santiago Guzmán.

1:00PM NDT
June 16th, Wednesday.
Come From Away:
The Start of the Moment

With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaching this September, it feels like an apt time to look back at the events that inspired a Broadway phenomenon: join us for an exciting panel discussion on Come From Away!
Hosted by Janet Harron and featuring stories from Derm and Dianne Flynn, whose real-life experiences were immortalized in the Tony Award-winning musical; Petrina Bromley, the sole Newfoundlander in the original Broadway production; and Alina Sergachov, an international graduate student who chose to study Come from Away.
This event is being held in partnership with Memorial's Alumni Engagement.

10:00AM NDT
June 16th, Wednesday
Island Songs: Making Music in the Middle of Somewhere
Join us for a song circle featuring musicians from Sweden, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Our host, podcaster Ivan Emke (“Routes & Branches & Beyond”) will chat with these musicians about how their island homes affect their music.

Our musicians include Juno-award winning musician, Catherine MacLellan (Prince Edward Island), islands scholar and musician, Owe Ronstrom (Gotland, Sweden), and Kate Lahey, musician and music educator/community-builder (St. John’s, NL).

2:30PM NDT
June 16th, Wednesday
Professional Development Opportunity
The Harris Centre, York University, and the University of Winnipeg are offering an 8-week summer course in Knowledge Mobilization. This is a pilot course and it is free to Memorial students, staff and faculty.
The course will be online and run from June 1 to July 27. 
New Research Reports
Tony Fang, Jane Zhu, & Alex Wells
Employer Attitudes Towards Hiring Newcomers and International Students in the Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Canada is facing a population crisis due to declining fertility rates, an aging population, and continued outmigration. Increased immigration is one solution to this crisis.

This study investigated attitudes, perceptions, and experiences of employers in Atlantic Canada to better understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the integration of newcomers in the regional labour market.
Michael Clair
Immigration in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province in Canada whose population is forecast to decline at least until 2043, according to Statistics Canada. In the worst-case scenario, the population would decline by nearly 20%.
If Newfoundland and Labrador is to remain sustainable over the long term and not simply survive but thrive, it has no other option than to significantly increase the number of immigrants to the province. This is not the responsibility of governments alone, but of all of society. Everyone has a stake in ensuring that the population of the province increases.
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Provide Your Feedback on NL's Economic Recovery Plan
The Big Reset report was produced by the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is conducting public and stakeholder consultation sessions to gain feedback and input on the recommendations included in this report.

The public and other stakeholder groups have the opportunity to provide input online and through virtual sessions.

Click here to complete the 30-minute questionnaire.

The public are also invited to attend virtual town hall sessions from June 15th-17th, 2021, via WebEx.
Empowered by Community
Grenfell Campus Office of Engagement Annual Report
The Grenfell Campus Office of Engagement has released its 2020 annual report.
Titled "Empowered by Community," the report chronicles some examples of the work being done to create dynamic interactions between Grenfell and academia, government, community and industry. The website was launched during a Facebook live event, which can be viewed here. Read more about the report here.
FORECAST NL - Online Forum
How can NL create economic and social prosperity while mitigating and adapting to climate change?

Help us unpack the biggest question of our time. Learn from experts, listen to your neighbours, and share your thoughts and ideas.

Register for the Harris Centre's new online engagement portal and let us know what topics you think should be covered.
Research Funding Opportunity
Deadline: June 14, 2021
Now Accepting Applications
Harris Centre-West White Rose Employment Diversity Research Fund
Natural resource developments are drivers of economic activity and employment in NL.
However, segments of the population continue to be under-represented in these sectors and research is needed to better understand how to grow the pool of diverse candidates for employment.

Share your ideas and insights on what questions need answers and what projects could help.

Visit our website for information on objectives and eligibility.
Missed the Session? Watch Online
Climate Change & Our Society
On May 18th, we were joined by Prof. Mark Stoddart (Dept. of Sociology, Memorial), Megan Samms (artist, entrepreneur, and farmer), Josh Smee (Food First NL), & Dr. Barb Neis (Honorary Research Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Memorial). These panelists discussed the impact of climate change on NL's society. They considered questions such as: How is climate change affecting society in NL? What changes are we already seeing in our way of life as a result of climate change? What will the changes needed for climate change mitigation and adaptation mean for how we live, work, and play in NL?
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