Volume 3| March 2020
We're all about C O L O R!
All the ways to find and follow us:
Telephone: 207-451-9384
Address: 8 Coleman Ave., Kittery Point
Mail: PO Box 44, Kittery Pt, ME 03905
Email: info@kitteryartassociation.org
In the Gallery:
Moments of Silence
We are so pleased to offer "Moments of Silence" as the KAA's first exhibit of 2020. This show, which will run through March 8, explores the many ways artists may experience and represent quiet, stillness, tranquility. For many, winter offers unique opportunities for moments of silence that may be more elusive than in other seasons.

We are thrilled to have member Tim Lawrence on our Spotlight Wall for this show. When he is not working on his own beautiful oil paintings, Tim can be found at Oyster River High School furthering the skills and encouraging the efforts of young artists, some of whom are now KAA members!

Coming up Next:
Splash of Color March 12 - April 12
For our second all-member show of 2020, let's lay aside the sometime more monochromatic palettes of winter and treat ourselves to some vivid splashes of color!!

Drop-off day for all-member show Splash of Color is Monday, March 9, from 4-6pm. Mark your calendars for the Opening Reception on SATURDAY(!) March 14, from 4-6pm.

Jeanne Havran, a watercolorist originally from Rockport, Massachusetts and now a new Portsmouth resident, will be the spotlight artist for the “Splash of Color” exhibit running from March12 - April 12 at the Kittery Art Association. Her seascapes, florals, and street scenes are characteristically filled with a dynamic mix of color, light, and movement using a self-described “airy and loose” painting style.
Interested in learning more about the Seacoast Moderns? They'd love to get to know you!
There's a subset of the KAA members that meets and works through the year on a collaborative exhibit at the gallery each fall, in addition to supporting each other's ongoing exploration of what it means to be "a modern." This group mostly meets at 8 Coleman Ave. on the third Wednesday of the month. But, since this occasionally changes to meet the group's needs, it's a great idea to get in touch with member Karen Camlin (camlinkaren65@gmail.com) and let her know you'd like to attend.

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2020 Exhibit Schedule

Feb 6- March 8     All Member Show
Pick-up Mon, Mar 9, 4-6p
      “ Moments of Silence”
         Spotlight Wall – Tim Lawrence

Mar 12 – Apr 12    All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Mar 9, 4-6p
Pick-up Mon, Apr 13, 4-6p
Opening Reception Sat, Mar 14, 4-6p
        “Splash of Color”
         Spotlight Wall – Jeanne Havran

Apr 16 – May 17    All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Apr 13, 4-6p
Pick-up Mon, May 18, 4-6p
Opening Reception Sat, Apr 18, 4-6p
         Spotlight Wall – Julia Gittes

May 21 - 31              Kittery Schools
        K-12 Student Art

Jun 4 – Jul 5         All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Jun 1, 4-6p
Pick-up Mon, Jul 6, 4-6p
Opening Reception Sat, Jun 6, 4-6p
         Spotlight Wall – Nina Shore et al.
Jul 9 – Aug 9        All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Jul 6, 4-6p
Pick-up Mon, Aug 10, 4-6p
Opening Reception Sat, Jul 11, 4-6p
         “Black and White”
        Spotlight Wall – Anastasia Maertens

Aug 13 – Sep 13     All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Aug 10, 4-6p
Pick-up Mon, Sep 14, 4-6p
Opening Reception Sat, Aug 15, 4-6p
       “Water, Water Everywhere”
        Spotlight Wall – Maryse Newton

Sep 17 - Oct 18             Group Show
Opening Reception Sat, Sep 19, 4-6p  
  Seacoast Moderns”

Oct 22 - Nov 29   All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Oct 19, 4-6p
Pick-up Mon, Nov 30, 4-6p
Opening Reception Sat, Oct 24, 4-6p
       “En Plein Air”

Dec 5 - 13             All Member Show
Drop-off Mon, Nov 30, 3-7p
Pick-up Mon, Dec 14, 4-6p
"Holiday Show"
Join us here at the KAA March 27 for a
PanPastel Application & Technique Workshop
with Lisa Regopoulos!

WHEN: Friday, March 27, 2020.
TIME: 10 am – 4 pm
WHERE: Kittery Art Association, 8 Coleman Ave., Kittery Point.
COST: $70 members*, $95 non-members*
SUPPLIES: Bring your own PanPastels and applicators, or use the instructor’s materials for an additional $7 fee payable to the instructor at the workshop.

Pre-REGISTRATION is Required:  (There is a 5 participant minimum to run this class.). 

Join us for a hands-on workshop using PanPastels. The workshop will begin with a demo on Sennelier LaCarte Pastel Card. This medium can be used on many different pastel surfaces, but Lisa’s favorites to use are LaCarte and Uart. The first hour of the workshop will be a demo of the process she uses to create a pastel painting. She will show how to use the different applicators and give you tips on using them. There will be a brief exercise on specific mark making techniques that Lisa has discovered and there will be a discussion on which tools to use to create the desired effect you are trying to achieve. There will be focus on developing a layered background and carving out the negative shapes and handling of edges. Attendees will receive a hand-out filled with useful tips and information on where to order supplies, etc. People that are sensitive to dust prefer the PanPastels as they are less dusty than the traditional pastel sticks. Please bring some simple photos to work from and/or a charged iPad. Please remember to bring your lunch and something to drink.

*The fee for the workshop is non-refundable unless canceled due to weather or low participation. (There is a 5 participant minimum to run this class.)

QUESTIONS? email: info@kitteryartassociation.org or
call Kittery Art Association at (207) 451-9384
Fourth Fridays Open Stage at the KAA
WHEN: Fourth Friday of March, April & May
TIME: 7 to 9 PM
WHERE: Kittery Art Association, 8 Coleman Ave., Kittery Point, ME.

Join us here at the KAA in our old renovated fire station where you’ll be surrounded by paintings, sculpture, and other works of art as you sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of young performers on our stage.
The performance is held upstairs in a room with a vaulted ceiling and outstanding acoustics.

Students are encouraged to come and sing, play guitar, piano or any instrument of their choice, perform a skit, juggle, do standup comedy, mime…just about anything goes on our stage!

Questions? We’d love to answer them for you! Call us at 207.451.9384, or shoot us an email!
"While our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all."
 ~ Ray Bradbury
Beach Pea Baking Co. Exhibit:
Now up at Beach Pea through April - the artwork of KAA member Barry Tarr.

Our own endlessly fascinating photographer Barry Tarr is bringing his "Rhythm of Color" work to the walls of the Beach Pea! Barry recently told the Portsmouth Herald that “color is the property of an object that creates a sensation in the eye and is interpreted by the brain. Photography, and for that matter all visual arts, use color to communicate ideas and to evoke emotions. The use of color can be abstract or representational or somewhere in between.”

Pictured here is a piece called "Buoy Casserole."

Beach Pea Baking Co.  is located at 53 State Road in Kittery, ME, and is open from 7:30 am to 6:00pm.

If you are interested in having your artwork displayed at this terrific little establishment right here in Kittery, contact Betsy Wish at  bjwish@gmail.com.   

Slots are currently open for Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec!
Coming to the KAA April 8 --
Oil Painting Workshop with
Bob Richardson
NEW for the 2020 Artist Membership: 
Become part of the Kittery Art Association
Member Virtual Galleries! 
All KAA members are welcome to have a virtual gallery page for a fee of $10 per calendar year, usually paid with your annual membership, but can be added to your membership anytime. This is a great way to share information about you as an artist and the works you create. 

To see an example and find out how you can do this, visit the KAA Website and under the Membership menu click KAA Member Virtual Galleries. All questions may be sent to artistpages@kitteryartassociation.org  
Life Figure Drawing at the KAA
Mondays, 10am to 1pm
Join us on Mondays at the KAA for our Figure Drawing sessions. Practice your work with a live model holding a variety of poses over the course of the session.  

Cost remains at an affordable $10.

As always, please bring your choice of medium. Bring an easel if you need one. Chairs and drop cloths are provided. The session takes place at the Kittery Art Association, 8 Coleman Avenue, Kittery Point. 
Drawing by Lance Hellman

For more info, please email us at  info@kitteryartassociation.org  or give us a ring at (207) 451-9384. 
Additional Local Art Events
See what else our members are up to!
KAA Artists - want to participate?
Contact the gallery - donations due 3/14.
The Kittery Conservation Commission Needs an Artist!

The Kittery Conservation Commission has some funding for an "environmental sign" that would be placed at Pepperrell Cove, to replace a sign that was lost to a storm. The purpose of the sign is to be educational and beautiful, depicting the sea and shore. You may have seen other similar interpretive signs on area trails.

If interested, please email Anne Formalarie.