January 2020
L&I Launches Upgraded Website

L&I’s website upgrade is live! As part of L&I’s commitment to ongoing customer services improvements, our website is now more complete, easier to read, and easier to use. Visit for
  • Easy-to-read explanations of Code requirements for the safe and lawful construction, maintenance, and use of buildings.
  • Step-by-step guidance for getting licenses and permits.
  • Tools for finding permit status, licensed contractors, property history, and more.
  • Easy access to online licensing – and coming soon, online permitting – through L&I’s eCLIPSE technology tool.
  • What you need to know about new ordinances, procedures, and resources.

The site was redesigned using principles of “human-centered design” and is built to evolve with user feedback. Let us know what you think u k using the feedback form on our website !

L&I Introduces Build Safe PHL Learning Sessions

Kick off 2020 with L&I Commissioner David Perri at the first of L&I’s new Build Safe PHL learning sessions designed especially for smaller residential contractors. The first Build Safe PHL session will cover Pre-Construction Meetings and how they improve job site safety, set expectations, and start your project off on the right foot.
Use the link below to register for one of the two Pre-Construction Meeting sessions.

Upcoming Safe Build PHL Learning Sessions topics
  • Energy Code
  • Plumbing Code
  • Excavation
  • Fire Protection System Certification

L&I Report Card grades are in

L&I relies on feedback to help us figure out how to make the experience of working with L&I better for our customers. An important way that L&I collects feedback is through its Report Card project.
A comparison of our recently completed 2nd Annual Report Card with the 1st Report Card indicates that we are moving in the right direction. L&I is committed to ongoing efforts to continue strengthening the department’s performance.
eCLIPSE Hits Major Milestones
Earlier this month, the eCLIPSE software for permitting, inspections, and code enforcement was delivered to L&I by the vendor and loaded onto City servers.

L&I will roll out permitting in eCLIPSE in March 2020. Watch this newsletter and L&I’s website for customer resources on how to use and get the most out of eCLIPSE.

At launch, you will be able to submit permit applications and plans electronically, and pay for and print permits at your convenience, 24/7, right from your PC or tablet.

Attorneys and Design Professionals need to complete a free, one-time registration (that never expires) to file permit applications in their name. Register in eCLIPSE as an attorney or design professional of record today !
Permitting and Code FAQs
Answers to your frequently asked questions are now posted on our website. FAQs are developed based on common inquiries received through our online help form.

Don't see your question? Please submit through our online help form .

Zoning Permit Expiration
Code Bulletin Z-1901 detailing the expiration periods related to zoning permits has been posted to our website. Review the Bulletin to learn more about when your permit expires based on the scope of your project and construction sequence. The Bulletin also provides information on the affect a variance, administrative adjustment, or extension has on a permit approval.

Please also review instruction on how to request a zoning permit extension.
Plan Review Checklists
All plan review checklists are now publicly available to provide guidance to permit applicants. These are the same checklists utilized by examiners analyzing your permit application and provide a greater level of transparency and consistency to the plan review process.

Note: Checklists are for more informational purposes only. They are not required to be completed and submitted with your permit application.
Permit Fee Reduction For Solar Panel Installations
Bill No  190785  was signed by the mayor November 6, 2019. This bill decreases the cost of building permits for the installation of solar collection panels and related support structures to a flat fee of $200 per building. Decreasing this fee removes a significant financial barrier that hinders the process of installing solar energy and more closely aligns with the fee structures of other major cities across the country. 
New EZ Permit Standards
Certain EZ Permit Standards have been updated to reflect recent Code changes. Access the standards online and be sure to submit the current version with your next EZ Permit Application:

Use Classification Questionnaire
A use classification questionnaire has been created to help differentiate between commonly confused uses. The questionnaire is also meant to outline any additional information that we will require in order to process your application.  Access the questionnaire on our website to assist making your next use permit application.
New Hot Work License
The Hot Work permit has been converted to an annual license. Significant changes include:
  • There is no need to submit a new permit application each year. You can renew your license online or at the Permit and License Center with ease.
  • The hot work license is no longer required if the business maintains a motor vehicle repair license.
  • Applications are no longer accepted through postal mail. They must be submitted online or at the Permit and License Center.

Please review our website for a complete listing of requirements.

You can view the codes at no charge or purchase a downloadable hard copy.

Call 311 or (215) 686-8686 (if outside Philadelphia) or submit a permit-related question online via .