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December 2022
The Tortoise, the Hare and the Harried 1L
Funny how a children’s fairy tale can point the way to a vibrant and satisfying Law Life. Aesop’s classic The Tortoise and the Hare does just that. We all know the story – at least the Bugs Bunny version. And yet, in the whirl and blur of our modern world, it is easy to forget its valuable lessons. Pace yourself. Slow and steady wins the race. Snooze, you lose.

Military Divorce and Survivor Benefits
A recent Ohio case teaches two lessons for the former spouse in a military divorce case: a) do not ever rely on government life insurance in a settlement, and b) be sure you have made a timely election of the survivor annuity, in case your EX dies first.  

RESPECT - An Insight to Attorney Compensation Plans by Brenda Barnes and Camille Stell
Many books about partner compensation are written from a BigLaw perspective. Camille Stell and Brenda Barnes recognize that most lawyers work in smaller and mid-size firms where core values and personal relationships mean so much.

Synopsis of the State Bar
The North Carolina State Bar released its Synopsis of the State Bar October 2022 Council Meeting.  For important information on Rule Amendments, Ethics Opinions, Appointments, and more, please read the full summary here.
Preparing for an Economic Downturn
Small confession: there was a time, about 20 years ago, I was on a night flight back from Houston. I had spent all week at a stressful NITA advocacy program. I was exhausted and couldn't wait to get home to my own bed. And for some reason, out of nowhere on this very routine flight, I developed an immediate and intense fear of flying that lasted for two or three years.

Connect with Erik
LML insureds can work one-on-one with Erik by phone, video or email. As an added benefit of Lawyers Mutual coverage, insureds may have three consultations with Erik annually at no cost, which provides a substantial value to our insureds. Schedule an appointment with Erik today!

LML Put into Practice Winter CLE Series
Risk Management Tips for Your Law Firm
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Risk Management for Legal Support Staff
A law office is a team. Like all teams, success depends on communication, cooperation and commitment.

Paralegals and legal assistants are key members of the team. They are often the ones who have the most day-to- day interaction with clients.