Put Into Practice
October 2021
How Not to Treat Your Clients
Here is a little story about how not to treat your clients.

This tale is true, though the names have been changed to protect the ridiculous. For anonymity’s sake, the two main characters will be referred to merely as “I” and “Some Sales Guy for a Telecommunications Company That Might or Might Not Begin with the Letter A.”

There's a Caveat - Responding to Requests For Your Estate File 
If the calls we receive at Lawyers Mutual are any indication, there has been a significant increase in estate litigation in recent years. A consequence of all that litigation is that estate planning attorneys are regularly receiving requests for their client files.

Appellate Practice for Trial Work
A trial lawyer recently described appellate practice to me as “a lot of rules and timelines” that are “really complicated.” The good news is there are lawyers who enjoy appellate practice. The better news is if you are a trial lawyer, you do not have to know all the intricacies of appellate practice. 

Practice Points With Mark Scruggs
Rule 3 – Delayed Service of Complaint - It’s the Summons that Counts!

Last month, I wrote about Williams v. Jennette and using Rule 6(b) to enlarge the time for filing the complaint that was filed using the Rule 3 “Delayed Service of Complaint” process. Today, I would like to take a step back and talk about the beginning of the Delayed Service of Complaint process.

File Management: Retention and Destruction
Two ever-present elements in any legal practice are documents and time constraints. Adopting a firm-wide policy for file management and retention can save time and money and reduce the risk of malpractice claims.

How Do You Know Where You're Going If You Don't Have A Plan?
Get the book from the law firm planning experts to help you discover the best plan for succession in your law firm. Maximize your firm's value, care for your clients, and confidently chase your dreams.

Leading Law Roundtable, November 18
How to Have Crucial Conversations, led by Colleen Byers.

If you are a Managing Partner, a law firm leader, or a legal professional interested in Evolving & Thriving, join our Leading Law Roundtable via Zoom on Thursday, October 21 at noon for an opportunity of virtual networking, asking questions of experts, sharing challenges and seeking advice. Sign up for Leading Law to register for this event.
Talking In Tongues
Q & A on Mobile Homes Featuring a Staff Development Specialist speaking on behalf of DMV

November 10, 2021, 12pm—1pm 

1 Hour CLE credit—Pending NC Bar approval *
FREE for attorneys and their legal staff