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June 2022
MDRP and CRDP: A Sea Change
Is military disability retired pay divisible in divorce? Is Concurrent Disability and Retired Pay divisible? A recent administrative ruling by the Department of Defense sheds new light on dividing CRDP when there is a disability retirement and a divorce. Let’s see what the new rule is.

The Imposter Lawyer Who Froze
Once there was a lawyer who froze. It happened at a bad moment – a terrible one, professionally speaking. He was standing before a room full of other lawyers giving a CLE presentation on the 10 Building Blocks of a Successful Law Practice. Within minutes of starting, an attendee asked an impossible question, and his brain shut down. 

Practice Points with Mark Scruggs: Counterclaims: Relation Back or Not?
Let me have a show of hands. Does a counterclaim relate back to the filing date of the complaint? (Raise your hand if you think so) or is the counterclaim governed by the applicable statute of limitations? (Same response). I know I’ve had this discussion with other lawyers over the years.
Requesting Files from Clients (Without Email)
There are many times you need to ask that your clients send you files. Most everyone knows how to attach files and send via email, but is there a better way? Are there a lot of files? Large files? Do the files hold sensitive information like bank records, taxes, or insurance claims? There are many ways to securely request files that will make it easier and more secure for you and your clients.

Future Advance Deeds of Trust - Equity Lines on Steroids
Real Estate practitioners are frequently reminded in CLEs, email blasts and newsletters of the importance of blocking and closing equity lines. Unfortunately, title insurers continue to see claims presented because proper procedure is not followed, and all too often, we are presented with subrogation demands. 

LM Welcomes Summer Intern Joanna Diaz, a rising 2L at Campbell Law School
Lawyers Mutual is pleased to welcome Joanna Diaz, a 1L at Campbell University School of Law, as a summer intern. Joanna earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida. 

LM Title FREE CLE - July 13, 2022
Check Please ... Estates Revisited

June 13, 2022
12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Live Webcast
*1 hour CLE/CPE general Credit pending approval

30-Minute Malpractice Checkup
The 30-Minute Malpractice Checkup is designed to help you assess your firm’s potential exposure to malpractice

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