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September 2022
The $10 Million Mickey Mantle Card
This story begins with a $10 million dollar Mickey Mantle baseball card and ends with the statute of limitations. In between is a lesson for your Law Life on letting go of the past. But before reading further, please take a moment to search your attic. If you happen to find a Topps 1952 Mantle rookie card, you could be an instant millionaire.

Financial Tips for Paying Down Debt
Pay down debt. As you approach retirement, you don’t want debt to stand in the way of your future. The snowball method of debt reduction allows you to see wins along your journey which keeps you inspired to move forward. Identify your smallest debt and pay it off as quickly as possible. Then take the monthly payment that had been allocated towards the debt and add it to the minimum payment you have been making on your next smallest debt.

The Best Money You Will Spend on Your Firm’s Tech This Year
There’s a certain kind of advice you get once in a while that is a little infuriating. I’ve certainly gotten it a bunch, I bet you have, too. It never fails to irritate me. And here I am now about to do the same thing to you. 

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LML Put into Practice Fall CLE Series
Risk Management Tips for Your Law Firm
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eFiling Coming to North Carolina Courts: Training Dates Announced for Attorneys
As part of North Carolina’s eCourts initiative, the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) will be introducing a new eFiling system, known as File & Serve, that will allow attorneys statewide for the first time ever to submit documents and case filings online.

LM Title FREE CLE Series
Parapalooza 2022—It’s All Legit
October 4, 2022, 8:45 am—4:15 pm cocktail hour to follow
​In person *6 CPE Credits

Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts. The one word answer for why the firm made the headlines in the newspaper today. Yes, the most severe legal malpractice settlements and verdicts all come from conflict claims. Visualize the sting of seeing “Breach of Fiduciary Duty” and “Punitive Damage” when reading the demand letter or pleadings.

How Do You Know Where You're Going If You Don't Have A Plan?
Get the book from the law firm planning experts to help you discover the best plan for succession in your law firm. Maximize your firm's value, care for your clients, and confidently chase your dreams.