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3.26.20 Issue III
This newsletter is dedicated to COVID-19 resources, information and tips for our "new normal."
Over the last few weeks, the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak has become alarmingly apparent. We must band together in order to flatten the curve and ensure this isn’t our reality for months on end. Don’t panic! Remember that grocery stores and other essential businesses will continue operating as usual. Practice social distancing and increase your sanitation practices. Determine how to make your quarantine time fruitful. Exercise your body and mind, and stay virtually connected with others. It’s an exciting time to be creative and an important time to think about the needs of others. This newsletter is dedicated to COVID-19 resources, information and tips for our "new normal". Our team is sending love and healthy wishes to everyone. We will get through this!

Take Care,

Topeka K. Sam
Founder and Executive Director
Stay Informed

First and foremost, stay informed.
Check out the World Health Organization website for updates on the virus and how to protect yourself.

Virtual Event Highlight
Tonight March 26th at 5:00pm PST

Join a member of the Faces of Women Imprisoned cohort, Ivy Woolf-Turk, for a virtual chat about freedom, education and female relationships. 
Food Access Resources
Angel Food Delivery Project provides healthy groceries to those impacted by incarceration.  If you are looking for assistance click below to sign up for this service

Apply for SNAP

Discover which schools are providing Grab and Go meals and stay up to date on the latest resources from the Department of Education. 
Determine where you can apply for SNAP/Food Benefits, and locate community kitchens and food pantries. 
At Home Activities
Ease your Coronavirus induced anxiety. This site offers mental health support, meditations and fun pick me-ups.
Make a podcast on GarageBand or check out a podcast that already exists like The Moth
READING & RESOURCES - Just A Click Away!
The New York Board of Corrections asked Governor Cuomo to grant clemency to incarcerated individuals who are elderly and sick so that they can be put on parole or community supervision. Other states and countries have already released thousands of incarcerated individuals in order to protect the health of an aging population.
What’s working and what isn’t in the age of outbreak. China and South Korea have done an exemplary job of addressing the spread of COVID-19. Italy and the United States have taken a less successful approach.


Your gift to the LOHM Emergency Fund will help us advocate for added safety measures for those who are confined to correctional facilities and provide all the women and girls we serve in the community with access to housing, nutritious meals, transportation, and other basic needs .