June Monthly Horticulture News
I would say summer is here!
Let us help you get through it!!!

A healthy Lawn or Garden starts with healthy soil. We are now providing soil testing prior to all landscape and sod installations.
Did you know...
...Plants improve our air quality?
...Landscaping adds as much as 14% to the resale value of your home?
...A tree shading your A/C can increase its efficiency by as much as 10%?
Need advice on what trees would look great and grow the best on your property?
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Lawn Fungus Treatment
Summertime is the active season for lawn fungus. If you notice circular or irregular brown areas in your lawn, chances are you have Brown Patch. This is a disease found in most grass, especially if your lawn does not drain properly or we are having a very wet summer.
We recommend spreading Lawn Fungicide once per month during the spring and throughout the summer to keep lawn fungus under control.
We Are Drainage System Experts
Is your backyard holding water?
Is your lawn is full of weeds?
Is your patio flooded after a heavy rain?
Have you noticed foundation sink holes along your slab?

Subsurface drainage will eliminate all of the water issues in your backyard!
Check out this drainage video!
Drainage System
$125 OFF
Complete Drainage system
Offer valid thru 6-15-2020
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June Lawn Fertilizer Treatment
Spread Lawn Food Plus Iron during the month of June to fertilize your lawn. Make sure to follow the rates as directed on the bag, and always use a spreader and water in after the application.

Go see our friends at Jefferson Feed Garden center to purchase this product!

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