November 2019
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The immune system is your body’s primary mechanism of defense, responsible for protecting you from potentially harmful invaders. It is made up of various cells, tissues, and substances including the skin barrier, red and white blood cells, microbiota , antibodies, and cytokines (cell signaling molecules). The immune system may be generally broken down into the innate immune response, your first line of defense, and the adaptive immune response, which is highly specific against particular intruders. Immune system dysfunction may result in allergies, infections, tumors, and autoimmunity. An integrative treatment plan including a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious diet such as the Mediterranean diet , adequate sleep, regular exercise, and dietary supplements may help you to support immune health and prevent disease. 

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Rancho Mirage Health & Wellness Expo
Stop by our booth at the Rancho Mirage Health and Wellness Expo on November 15th! We'll be exhibiting alongside scores of other health professionals and businesses. Hope to see you there!
Staff Highlight
We wanted to share some fun facts in each newsletter about our amazing staff! Here we highlight a few 'Fun Facts' about our new Naturopathic Doctor Resident that you'll be seeing in our clinic this year.
  1. When she was a toddler, she rode along with her mother in a garbage truck on her route; it was their family business.
  2. While working harvest season at her grandmother's farm as a kid, she would eat the onions like apples.
  3. She has never craved pizza.
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