KOG WELCA 1920's Spring Luncheon!
Sandwich Sunday Update
There were 10 Volunteers this week! Yay! Thank you all so much!
We made 397 sandwiches out of 40 loaves of bread!
Next month we will need more meat, cheese, and soft margarine.
Thank you all so much!
Farewell Event!

Our beloved friend, Marge Holmquist, will be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, on May 19th. Sunday, May 15, after the second service, we will be having a reception for her so we can visit with her and wish her God Speed. 
Marge has been a huge part of King of Glory for years. She has been a member of the social ministry committee, a counter, on the WELCA board and their activities, worked on the free meal including providing Thrivent grants to provide meat for the meals, provided home communions to members, attended Bible studies and the adult classes, helped with funeral receptions, been on the nominating committee, was part of the parish nurse program, part of the caregivers classes, and is a Stephens minister. I’m sure she was part of more but as you can tell, she will be greatly missed. 

Please join us as we celebrate on 5/15/2022 after our 10:30 Service.
Celebration Ringers 2022 Tour Press Release Boise, Idaho
King of Glory Lutheran Church at 3430 N Maple Grove Rd. will host a free handbell concert by the Celebration Ringers from Colorado Springs, CO at 7:00 pm on Thursday, June 2. This high school group is one of five handbell choirs at First Lutheran Church. Over the last twenty years they have toured every June presenting concerts in cities throughout 15 states. Their concert features a variety of handbell music from traditional hymn tunes to a South Australian sea shanty. In addition to the high school ringers, five alumni Celebration Ringers join the tour this year.
Violinist, Elisa Wicks, will be a featured artist on the program. Elisa is the artistic director of Parish House Baroque, Colorado Springs' early music ensemble, and plays principal second in the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees in violin performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Her sons, Daniel and Paul, are members of the Celebration Ringers.
Due to the pandemic, the group has not been able to travel for two years. On the road again they will play concerts in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Utah, and Colorado. Their director, Joan Kuehn, has been on staff at First Lutheran since 1988. This will be her last tour with the Celebration Ringers. The concert is free and open to the public.

Contact Information
Joan Kuehn
719 661-4116
Farewell Celebration
Seth McMullen's last Sunday Is May 22, 2022. There will be a Celebration of his time with us will be at both coffee hours after each service. Please join us as we thank Seth for all he has done for King of Glory Lutheran Church!
Beginning May 29th, there will only be ONE SERVICE Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. This is our Summer schedule, and we will notify you at a later time when this schedule will end. See you then!
King of Glory Friends,
Recently Alice Nelson fell and broke her hip. She has had surgery and is doing well. You can contact her at her Rehab facility where she will be for 1-2 weeks.  
Alice is at: Meridian Meadows Transitional Care, 2656 E. Magic View Dr., Meridian, ID 83642. 
The number of the facility is 208-996-2801. You can call and be connected with her room. Alice has not set up the messaging system for her room phone so using the number for the facility may not get you to speak to Alice. You can call Alice's cell 208-600-4273. Her cell phone does not have the messaging system set up.
Sending cards of encouragement would be helpful.

Zoom Bible Study on Galatians
Coming this June using the Yale Bible Study free resource join the Bible Study on Galatians. Time will include study, relationship building, and prayer.

Mondays from 7-8:15PM
June 6, 13, 20, and 27.

Led by Meggan Manlove

Financial Update
January 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022
Income to Date
Actual Income                                               $121,744
Budgeted Income to Date                              $118,774 ($2,970 over budgeted estimates)
Expenditures to Date
Actual Expenditures                                      $98,011
Budgeted Expenditures                                 $99,730 ($1,719 under budgeted estimates)
Net Operating Revenue
Actual Net Operating Revenue                      $23,733
Budgeted Net Operating Revenue                 $19,044 ($4689 over budgeted estimates)
Thank you for your continued faithful financial support of the ministries of King of Glory.
Your congregation council met April 20 for its regularly scheduled meeting, one week later than usual due to Holy Week activities. This is a review of discussed items:
·      Progress continues on the upgrade of the audio and visual systems approved in last summer’s special congregation meeting. Neurilink, the company overseeing the project, is installing the cabling and plans to finish their work by May 6. Mountain Power Electrical Company completed the necessary electrical wiring needs for the added equipment in the sanctuary. Matt Lee, Project Manager for King of Glory, has announced that May 6 will be the date for testing the system.
·      We continue the conversation on the concept, “hybrid church” during the Adult Forums for the month of May between worship services. While the discussions will be based on the book by Dave Daubert, Becoming a Hybrid Church, these Sundays are planned to focus on how our new technology can truly enhance not only our worship time, but the potential of enhancing other ministries at King of Glory, or introducing new ways of ministry. Copies of the book will be available during the Adult Forum. All are welcome!
·      In approving the 2022 budget at our Annual Meeting, it was decided that the long-standing practice of providing King of Glory members with a subscription to the Living Lutheran would be discontinued. We have had a parishioner “gift” King of Glory to ensure that families will continue to receive the Living Lutheran. Thank you for this thoughtful gift!
·      Approved the participation of King of Glory in a two-year Stewardship For All Seasons program. With leadership by the Stewardship Committee, this program will assist the congregation in new concepts that will energize our ministries. We will also be able to work closely with several congregations in the Treasure Valley Cluster and Northwest Intermountain Synod who are also participating in this program.  
·      For the past two years, “pandemic protocol behavior,” has been on the Council agenda. A new CDC guideline—Community Level—which determines the impact of Covid-19 on communities, was the focus of April’s discussion. Realizing that the Community Level is LOW in Ada County, meaning that there is currently limited impact on healthcare, low levels of severe illness, and a low number of hospital beds with Covid-19 patients it was decided to survey the congregation for the next preferred steps in pandemic protocol which could include dropping the vaccination and mask requirements. Thank you for filling out the survey. We are studying the survey results and will have more information available very soon. As has been our practice, we will continue to monitor the risk factors of Covid-19 in the area. Thank you for so faithfully supporting King of Glory’s Covid protocol over the past two years.
Thank you for your prayer support for the leadership of this community of faith!
Mary Rickerd, President
KOG Prayer Requests

Prayers for God’s Healing:
Siefkes Family
Helen Gregory’s Family
Tim Pfankuch, Son of Paul & Bonita Pfankuch.
Louise Moore
Marge Holmquist
Bob Applequist
Prayers for Comfort:
Borm Family
Siefkes Family
Gregory Family
Prayers for the Severson Family.
Prayers for Kristin Quigley
Prayers for the loss and devastation experienced in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Prayers for those in the cycle of domestic violence.
Prayers for Unspoken Needs and requests, those whose hurts are too deep to be spoken.

A workshop that explores the practice of listening with empathy. People yearn to be seen and to feel heard - without advice - without judgment. This has always been true, but it is even more crucial after several years of isolation and loss, compounded by medical, social and political uncertainty. Listening with empathy takes more skill and energy than any other type of listening. And being heard with compassion is a gift that most people rarely receive. We invite you to join us on Zoom for a two-session workshop: Wednesday, May 18th from 7:00 - 8:30 pm and Wednesday, May 25th from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. You will enjoy this practical, interactive workshop whose goal is to enhance your capacity to listen with empathy, a skill that is useful in your personal, your professional, and your congregational life. This workshop is open to people from the whole Treasure Valley Cluster of ELCA, so invite your friends! Come to learn and to practice what you learned. For more information and to receive the Zoom link, please contact Penelope Smith at micahsixv8@hotmail.com  503-881-6990. And, if May 2022 doesn't fit your schedule, don't despair! Watch for further sessions to be scheduled, both in person and on Zoom.
Penelope Smith - Trinity/Nampa 503-881-6990
Diane McGeoch - Hope/Eagle
Lori Wambolt - Redeemer/Boise
by Osheta Moore
“Dismantling Racism with Grit and Grace”

If you can tune in at least twice, buy (or get on loan) the book and join the adventure ahead. 

--a book discussion facilitated by Jim Grunow, a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church
Wednesdays--June 8, 15, 22, 29 at either 1:30-2:45p.m. or 6-7:15p.m.

A brief bio of the author—Osheta Moore is a writer, pastor, speaker, and podcaster in St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as a mother of three and an economic justice advocate for women in developing countries. She is the outreach and teaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church and the pastor of community life at Roots Covenant Church alongside her husband.
Several brief reviews:
Every white person should read DEAR WHITE PEACEMAKERS. Osheta Moore serves as the best of guides for how white people, growing in their racial awareness, can both engage the issue of racism and embody a peacemaking ethic moving forward. She will challenge you, shock you, inspire you. After reading this book, you’ll feel all the more equipped to seek shalom and healing instead of hate and retribution in our racially torn world.” Michelle Ami Reyes, vice president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative and co-director of Pax

“This book is our North Star, bright enough to illuminate the anti-racism path and bold enough to offer love for our souls along the way. This book transformed my weariness into a howl of hope in my chest. Osheta Moore challenges us to build peacemaking into our anti-racism work because there is no peace and no justice without the constellation of love.” -Diana K. Oestreich, soldier turned peacemaker and author of WAGING PEACE: ONE SOLDIER’S STORY OF PUTTING LIVE FIRST

“As a white woman, I believe every white Christian needs to read DEAR WHITE PEACEMAKERS. Osheta Moore’s vulnerability, authenticity, and call to action is a rare gift, and we are lucky to have her leadership in this space. I felt uncomfortable, challenged, and empowered to take steps in my own work around anti-racism. -Jessica Turner, WALL STREET JOURNAL best-selling author of THE FRINGE HOURS

If you are interested in reading and discussing this book, email or text Jim Grunow at jamesggrunow@gmail.com or 208-571-6309.  The discussions will take place via Zoom. He will send you a Zoom link and details on how the discussion will proceed about a week before the first session. Participants will be welcome to alternate between the afternoon and early evening sessions as their calendar permits. Even if you cannot attend all the sessions, feel free to participate when you can.
KOG Opportunities
Have you ever wanted to share the King of Glory’s ministry in new, different ways? As the audio/visual equipment nears completion, the Church needs to transition to the next phase – finding those wanting to “drive” the equipment. If you are interested, there are some upcoming opportunities:

  • An opportunity to help is to learn the software we will be using during our services, called ProPresenter. This software is designed with church services in mind. If you are interested, you can download a free version on your computer and try it out. A free tutorial on the program is here. If you would like to help make portions of the service, let Mary Rickerd (rickemar@msn.com) know.

Come join us on our next adventure!
LWR Quilters Notice

Did you know you can help the quilters from the comfort of your home? Our 11” blocks are cut at home and some enjoy piecing scrappy 11” blocks. Later, tops are sewn together at home.
We love our time together on Thursdays and that’s when those blocks are laid out in pleasing arrangements and stacked by rows to go home for sewing. At our other big table, the backs, batting and tops are pinned and tied, then the bindings are sewn. Lastly they are packed in boxes.
While in past years we have had 12-14 quilters, we are down to 8 or 9 due to health, Covid, attrition, and death. And yes, some of us are slowing down. It’s an age thing!
If you can help in any way, call Nicki Tompkins at 208-870-2819, Donna Groth at 208-761-8022 or Marilyn Falk at 208-288-1576. We would love to show you where fabric to cut is located, where items are left to pick up or return, or welcome you to help on Thursdays.
Location Pin 2
Answering God's Call to Serve Refugees

From Jewish Law to Christian Gospel, the call of God is unmistakable. 
The Church and its people must care for the foreigner and stranger, the oppressed and dispossessed – in a word, the refugee. And when we answer that call, blessings return to us tenfold. Foreigners become friends. Strangers become neighbors. Refugees contribute to our broader economy, culture and community.

At Lutheran Community Services Northwest, we are grateful for Church partners who support this work with hands, hearts and prayers. With your help we have resettled more than 700 Afghans since August. But the work is far from done. Today we stand at an Easter season crossroads, preparing for a wave of Ukrainian evacuees, plus more Afghans. The pace is also quickening for refugees arriving from other continents.
Hybrid Church Class

God is calling King of Glory to discover the future as a hybrid church that embraces on-line and on-the-ground ministry as equally important for our future.
Becoming a hybrid church requires ways to see both online and on-the-ground ministry as important, and to strategically focus in each and both environments to find the way to move forward in each and both places. Whew-- that’s a lot to ask of us as we come back from a two year pandemic!

The Adult Forum (between worship services) returns again on May 1, 8, and 15 to continue to wrestle with the concepts of “hybrid church” as it pertains to:
·      Worship—transformational-we go home differently.
·      Social Media—build relationships online. 
·      Spiritual Formation—takes place best within a community of faith.
·      Servanthood—multiples ways to connect and opportunities to serve.
·      Evangelical Witness—connecting the ongoing story of God.
·      Pastoral and Congregational Care—work of the whole congregation.
·      Stewardship—focus on gratitude and generosity.
·      Facilities—how to create space in our physical building.

The online world is real for the church today! It is a place where real ministry happens and genuine community comes together. Hybrid ministry calls us to explore every aspect of ministry and use both online and on-the-ground solutions to do ministry well. You are invited to explore solutions!
Moms, Daughters & Grandmoms

Mom and Grandmoms check in the church library for the May/June issue of the Gather magazine, published by the Women of the ELCA. It is an eclectic issue discussing issues from children (Read the article, “This is my Children’s Church.) and intergenerational relationships to quilting, journaling, faith and trees. The articles, are seeds of this church season to take root in our hearts. While reading the article “Audacious Faith”, I had to look up the word “audacious” which definition lead me to look up the word “intrepid,” after which I had to look up “trepid,” then “verve”. In the end I wanted audacious faith.
May is the month Gather magazine reserves for an intergenerational devotional instead of a multi-sessional Bible study. Our regularly scheduled women’s Gather study welcome women young and old and teenage to gather to share this devotional. We will read the personal stories of authors of various ages. Intergenerational relationships are explored from their varied points of view. The most fun part of our studies are our own varied thoughts and stories we share. We hope that young mothers among other ages will join us. The generations have much to learn from each other’s point of view—we need to hear other generations.
We will meet Wednesday afternoon, May 11th at 1:00. (Always the 2nd Wednesday of the month). For the first time in a while we will meet again in person at the church in the Bethlehem room. You don’t need a magazine to enjoy our time together.        
Lay Preaching Class
Both Online & In-Person Class

Who is invited?
People who love God and have a message to share about faith, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
This course will give you tools & resources for your preaching tool belt.
In-Person Session:
In-person sessions at King of Glory Lutheran Church, 3430 N. Maple Grove Road, Boise, ID
Zoom Classes: The Zoom invitation will be given after you sign up
When: Monday evenings at 7:00 –8:00 pm MST, April 25, May 2, 9, 16
Cost: FREE

Contact Info:
Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg
Attention to our ONLINE Worship Attendees Near & Far: You are included and remembered at all of our in-person worship services. But, we are working on an even more tangible way to include YOU. Please send us a photo of you (shoulders and head). Different ways would be to: crop a photo you have on your phone or take a photo of a photo with your phone (or someone else's). Make sure it is as clear as possible. Send via email to Megan. We will keep you posted on our project.

Update and Refresh of our member board - It has been a while since we last updated our board of photos in the Narthex hall at church. We would like to include ALL OF OUR MEMBERS.  Please send us a photo of you (shoulders and head). Different ways would be to: crop a photo you have on your phone or take a photo of a photo with your phone (or someone else's). Make sure it is as clear as possible. Send via email to Megan.
King of Glory Lutheran Church
3430 N. Maple Grove Rd., Boise, ID 83704
Facebook: Ministries at King of Glory Lutheran – https://www.facebook.com/kogyouth/