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2022 Year in Review
As I reflect on 2022, I am moved with gratitude for the unwavering commitment and selflessness of PMC staff. They have working tirelessly in our community to promote health and wellness, keep our community safe and increase access to care. Despite the challenges and ongoing effects of the pandemic, the dedicated staff at PMC have worked together to achieve significant milestones in areas such as patient-centered care, workforce wellness, community engagement, financial wellness and facility support. As you read through the 2022 Year in Review, please join me in expressing appreciation for the hardworking staff at Petersburg Medical Center and recognizing the important work they do in our community.
Happy & Healthy New Year 2023!
- Phil Hofstetter, CEO
Workforce Wellness

o  PMC recently held its first Managers Retreat since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an opportunity for the team to come together and reflect on the past two years and plan for the next five. This was the first time the team had been able to meet in person for an extended period since October 2019. During the retreat, the team focused on identifying problems, proposing solutions, and setting recommendations for the strategic plan. The primary objectives that emerged from the retreat included the need for community engagement, financial stability, patient healthcare, community health promotion and prevention, staffing/workforce, a new building, and improved communication both internally and externally.
Community Engagement
o  PMC has maintained a strong focus on expanding services and improving collaborative efforts in the community to enhance health outcomes and continuity of care. As part of this effort, PMC entered into a contract with the Petersburg School District to provide health services (including nursing and medical care) and behavioral health services. This contract also includes increased collaboration between the school, Public Health, and PMC's Home Health, Community Wellness, and Joy Janssen Clinic.

o  The PMC Health Fair, which was postponed due to the pandemic, was held in June and was a great success. Approximately 500 community members had their blood drawn to check-up on important health indicators, and around 200 attendees had the chance to speak with health and wellness vendors at the fair. They were also able to tour a medevac jet and attend presentations from Drs. Burt and Hyer, PMC Home Health, and guest speaker Carol Seppilu, who shared her inspiring but challenging story of using ultra running to overcome depression.
o  PMC collaborated with the Petersburg Community Foundation to offer an educational series on long-term care Medicaid and planning for future health care needs. The series, held in June and October, featured attorneys from Faulkner and Banfield who are experts in elder law.

o  PMC partnered with SHARE Coalition members to host two community cafes focused on childcare. These events aimed to highlight the challenges faced by the local childcare industry and facilitate problem-solving to support this important aspect of community wellness.

o  PMC provides ongoing education and outreach through its monthly PMC Live radio show, newsletter, social media, newspaper stories and reports at the Borough Assembly and other community meetings regularly

o  PMC completed and published the Community Needs Assessment. This assessment allows for engagement with the community and helps to identify the health needs and concerns of Petersburg residents. It provides a chance for community members to share their thoughts on the satisfaction of their healthcare needs and is used to inform planning for future health care in the area. The assessment is conducted every three years and is a requirement for non-profit healthcare organizations to show that they are meeting the needs of the community and using their resources efficiently.
o  To optimize space at PMC for patient care, several expanding departments have moved to nearby satellite locations. The rapidly growing Home Health department moved into a rental space in the basement of the Elks to accommodate increased staffing and services to the community. The Community Wellness department has taken over Home Health’s former office space in an apartment complex across the street from PMC. Additionally, the space next to Public Health was converted back into the Specialty Clinic, which offers regular chiropractic, audiology, and acupuncture services, as well as traveling specialties like optometry and ENT.
Financial Wellness
o  Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, PMC has remained resilient in these unprecedented circumstances. The pandemic has affected hospitals across the country, including PMC, by reducing revenue streams and increasing costs due to additional resources to increase access to care while addressing measures to protect against the spread of the virus. As a result, PMC has faced historic low census volumes internally while increasing access to care external to the hospital, as well as disruptions to staffing, morale, workflows, and the ability to deliver and provide services. These factors have combined to create significant financial challenges for PMC. However, PMC continues to work through these challenges and remains committed to providing high quality care to our patients. A report published by KaufmanHall in Fall 2022 provides insight into the current state of hospital finances in the post-pandemic period, and PMC's experience is consistent with the challenges highlighted in the report. Despite the challenges, PMC remains committed to finding solutions and adapting to the changing landscape of healthcare.
Patient Centered Care
o  PMC offered several new community programs and services this year, including a caregiver support group, a year-long diabetes prevention class, and a lending program for home medical durable equipment.

o  PMC completed the implementation of Cerner, a new electronic health record (EHR) system. This system enables healthcare providers to access a patient's full medical history in a single location, making it easier to make informed treatment decisions. The benefits of Cerner include improved patient care, increased efficiency, better quality of care, and enhanced patient safety. Additionally, Cerner includes a patient portal, which is a secure online website that allows patients to access their personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection at any time.
o  PMC has entered into a partnership with CommonWell Health Alliance Services, a national network of organizations that aims to improve care coordination and health outcomes by streamlining the secure sharing of health data. This secure national platform enables healthcare providers to securely send, receive, and share documentation across different electronic health record systems, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.
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