Rufina Sturgeon has been working in the Environmental Services (EVS) Department, also known as Housekeeping, of Petersburg Medical Center since she started here four years ago. Rufina moved to Petersburg in December of 2000 after living in Montana and doing a little traveling. Originally from a small boarder town in Mexico that is near El Paso, Texas; Rufina moved to the United States in 1996, when her daughter was nine. Rufina had always dreamed of traveling in the United States and visiting Alaska, now she can say she is living her dream.

When Rufina first came to Petersburg, she worked at Norquest (now known as Trident) before getting a position in the Deli at Hammer & Wikan grocery store, where she worked closely with the bakery department as well. Rufina worked at Hammer & Wikan for 17 years before she made the transition to Petersburg Medical Center.

Rufina really enjoys her job here at the hospital. She notes that it keeps her very active and moving all the time, and that she gets along well with her coworkers. After being at PMC for a period of time there was discussion of her going through CNA program and she thought about it but the class was then put on hold. Rufina decided to stay in her current position once the class was offered again, noting that the technology and learning a new position wasn’t quite what she was wanting at the time. She is happy with her decision and really does enjoy being able to interact with so many different people throughout the facility in her current role here.

Most of Rufina’s family still lives in Mexico though she lives here in Petersburg with her husband, Mark, of twenty years. They have a mini-pit bull together named Chico. Rufina enjoys getting out, meeting and talking to people in Petersburg and this is helped by her walks with her dog, who often sounds like a little pig when he’s walking. Rufina states that “everyone who meets him, loves him.” She also has a daughter, a son-in-law and two grandchildren who live in Oregon. She doesn’t get to see them as much as she’d like but is looking forward to planning a trip to go see them when the time is right. Petersburg Medical Center is grateful to have Rufina, and her smiling self, as part of our staff caring for the facility, staff and patients in all that she does.