Dear PMC Family,

I am writing to inform you that my family and I have made the decision to take a temporary leave of absence starting in September, for a minimum of eighteen months. I will be seeing patients in Petersburg until August.

I am grateful to have been part of this community for the past 13 years, but we have decided to embark on a sailing journey and travel the world as a family. Our children, who are 11 and 13 years old, are at a crucial age, and we wish to spend quality time with them, exploring the world before they enter adulthood.

During my time away, I will be finishing my two-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona. Integrative Medicine involves combining complementary and conventional approaches in an evidence-based and coordinated fashion to facilitate the body's innate healing response. It uses the most natural and least invasive interventions first, with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle interventions, and carefully chosen supplements as primary treatment for illness. I am committed to the health and well-being of our community and look forward to returning to you with new skills and knowledge in integrative medicine, ready to provide the best care possible.

Petersburg is our home, and we are keeping our house here. We fully intend to return here to complete my medical practice and ultimately retire here. I feel blessed to have your support and encouragement as I pursue my personal and professional goals.

If you are interested in following our journey, we will be keeping a blog at

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Dr. Jennifer Hyer