This November marks the anniversary for three Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers: the Lamprey, Lower Delaware, and Westfield Rivers
The Lamprey River Watershed is one of the largest in New Hampshire with a drainage area that covers almost 214 square miles.
Flowing along the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Lower Delaware has a total of 67.3 miles designated.
Part of what makes the Westfield so special is that it's located in the largest roadless wilderness area in Massachusetts.
The Lamprey River: Celebrating 24 Years

Happy 24th Anniversary, Lamprey! Learn about Dick Lord and his role in the Lamprey's Designation Origin Story

Find out about the Water Quality of the Lamprey River

New Paddling Access Map for the Lamprey River

Due to high demand for public canoe and kayak access during the pandemic, we created a new paddling access map for the Lamprey River available on-line. Both paddling and recreation maps are available from the Lamprey WSR homepage.
The Lower Delaware: Celebrating 20 Years

Highlights of the Designation Origin Story of the Lower Delaware

Learn about the Lower Delaware's
River Use Recreation Study on the Lower Delaware
There is a river use recreation study currently underway on the Lower Delaware. Consider filling out the questionnaire and joining in the upcoming town hall on Nov. 30.

Photo credit: Lower Delaware website
The Westfield: Celebrating 27 Years

To celebrate Westfield's 27th anniversary, read all about their

Find out about Water Quality on the Westfield

The Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee (W&SWRC) is developing a Stewardship Plan for the Wild and Scenic Westfield River
Comprehensive Env. Inc. (CEI) is working with the W&SWRC to develop the Stewardship Plan and hosted November workshops. Please contact Emily DiFranco (edifranco[at]ceiengineers[dot]com) if you would like to be on the mailing list for upcoming activities and workshops for the Westfield Stewardship Plan, or see the Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee website for more info.
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August 2020 marks the anniversary month for the Farmington River.

October 2020 marks the anniversary month for three Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers: Great Egg Harbor, White Clay Creek, and the Wekiva!

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The NPS Wild and Scenic Rivers Program is getting ready to put together the third edition of their annual newsletter, River Currents. This edition will have a PWSR focus. You have received the official call for articles. If you are interested in joining the annual newsletter mailing list or have questions, please contact Katie Willi at kathryn_willi[at]partner.nps[dot]gov

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Look for a continued celebration of the PWSRs with December designation anniversaries: Maurice River (NJ), Musconetcong River (NJ) and Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers (VT).

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