Volume 14 | January 21, 2021
The Presbyark Update
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January 21, 2021
Lenten Share Forum
You survived Advent and we know it took every bit of creativity you had. Now, you're wondering how you're going to come up with more ideas for Lent. Well, the Presbytery of Arkansas is here to help. We will be hosting a one hour Lenten Share Forum that will help spark your Lenten creativity!

On Thursday, January 28 at 1:00pm, join panelists Kristi Harter Button(FUPC), Kade Curry(1st Springdale), Jen Kirby Evans(2nd LR), and Jocelyn Wildhack(Ferncliff) as they share creative ideas for helping pastors, educators and other worship and program leaders plan for Lent 2021. They will be sharing ideas that can be adapted for all size churches and used in virtual, indoor, and outdoor settings.

Click here and register today for this one hour webinar from the Presbytery of Arkansas.
The Ferncliff Easter-in-a-Basket will provide a week-long experience from Palm Sunday through Holy Week to Easter, diving into the stories that prepare us for Easter. Easter-in-a-Basket will hold 8 mini lessons, one for each day from Palm Sunday to Easter. These Holy Week activities will be low stress for busy folks, encourage family and community connection, and help you prepare for Easter! 

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Presbytery Profiles
To help us make our Presbytery connections stronger, we will be hi-lighting a different face and story in each Update. Since this is my idea, I will be the guinea pig and go first. So click here and read about Julie Price: My Story & My Job as The Presbytery Connector.

After we finish with the Presbytery staff, we'll be moving through the pastors and church professionals of our Presbytery. So get to work on your story and don't forget the photos!
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The Synod of the Sun is offering this 4-part course dealing with Online Worship and Community-Building: During Covid and Beyond for church leaders - from pastors to communications mangers - to learn more easily and effectively to navigate their church's communications during the pandemic and beyond.

Click here to get full event details and to register.
Calling All Clerks and Moderators
There are just a few more weeks for Clerks of Session, or Moderators, to complete their annual Statistical Report. The last day to complete the report is Thursday, February 18, 2021. Please update your congregation’s membership numbers even if you don’t complete the rest of the report, which includes worship numbers (which is anyone’s guess this year), financial figures, and the numbers of members in each age group among other questions. The link to the reporting can be found here.

Please know that your Stated Clerk appreciates you! Thank you for all that you do for your congregation, your presbytery, and the PC(USA) denomination! And if you need assistance with anything please contact Stated Clerk Leslie Belden at 479.466.1061 or lesliebeld@aol.com
A New 6-Week Adult Ed Curriculum
Presbyterian Outlook has intentionally designed a new curriculum for in-person or virtual gatherings. Testimony offers six stand-alone sessions exploring what we believe about God, the Imago Dei, covenant, grace, love and Christian community. It invites participants to remember (or learn for the first time) the Reformed language of faith, reclaim it for our own particular time and context and reinterpret it in daily living. Each session has a teacher-friendly lesson plan and a supplemental video where a scholar, a practitioner (pastor/educator), and a church member share their insights on the topic.

Lent & Easter 2021 Planning
It's only a month until Ash Wednesday and then we begin a Lenten journey during a pandemic which seems, somehow, ironically appropriate. Yet, how do we help our distanced congregants experience this journey as well as an Easter celebration in the midst of covid?

I am seeking out all types of resources to help spark our imaginations in preparing for Lent/Easter 2021 and I will be updating This Resource List regularly. Contact Julie Price at 501-626-6477 or at julietannerprice@gmail.com with questions and comments.
Apply Today!
A second round of PPP or Payroll Protection Loans have been approved by the Federal Government. To find out if your church is eligible and more, check out these sites: Horizons Stewardship, Wisdom Over Wealth, and YPTC.
January Meeting Change
This month there will only be one more Pastor's Meeting. Please make a special note on your calendar on Wednesday, January 27.

Join us at 10:00am on the Presbytery zoom link. You should receive an email reminder with the link, otherwise, please contact a staff member.

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